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May Beer Events

May Beer Events post is up! Click here to see what all is going on in Colorado craft beer in May.

Black Shirt Brewing now has a kitchen! Serving up absolutely delicious pizzas, salads, and more. If you haven’t been, be sure to stop by soon!

Tons of fun, fantastic events featuring: 

Boulder Beer Company

The Pint Room

Denver Beer Co.

Big Choice Brewing

Mockery Brewing

American Homebrewers Association

Fiction Beer Company

Denver Bacon & Beer Classic

38 State Brewing Company

Odyssey Beerwerks

Strange Craft Beer Company

The West End Tavern

and of course: the ever exciting American Craft Beer Week! 

No Bad Choices at Big Choice

At a recent festival I tried two beers from Big Choice Brewing. They had their Disconnected Red Ale and #42 Poblano Stout on tap. I was very impressed with both of these, and I decided I needed to get to Broomfield to check them out and sample some of their other brews. So on a snowy Saturday I drove up and hung out in their tap room.


Having only sample pours at the festival, I had to get more of the Poblano Stout. Stouts are my second favorite style of beer, and I’m especially fond of those that are different…ones that have that unique something that makes them stand out. And the #42 Poblano Stout has just that: packed with chile flavor yet mild, which is new to me; all the chile beers I’ve ever had are hot and spicy, but true to the nature of the poblano, this one doesn’t burn.

I don’t love all red ales. Many I’ve had are very “blah” and lacking in flavor. The Disconnected Red, however, is excellent. At 84.5 IBUs, it is even hoppier than their standard IPA–the Type III IPA–which has just 48.2 IBUs. I never thought I could enjoy a red this much, but Big Choice surprised me! I liked it even more than the Type III IPA.  And speaking of IPAs…the Hemlock Double IPA is amazing! At 9.5% ABV and 104 IBUs, I couldn’t ask for a better hoppy beer. There is nothing about the Hemlock I don’t love.


Now that I have had four of Big Choice’s beers, I can say without a doubt that this is one phenomenal brewery. Living in Denver I am well aware of the fact that there is a ridiculous number of great breweries in this city. But Big Choice is so good that I am more than willing to make the trek to Broomfield to get a growler of any of their heavenly beers. I highly–repeat–HIGHLY recommend this brewery. It is a quick drive for anyone living in the Denver-Boulder area, and if you like fantastic beer, you must get to Big Choice Brewing ASAP!

Winter Brew Fest 2013: The best beers to drink while seriously annoyed

I’ve been attending the annual Winter Brew Fest and Summer Brew Fest in Denver for several years. The first couple of years I went (2009 & 2010) were great. The venue, Mile High Station, worked well for the event and had plenty of space for attendees to enjoy their beers; it was fairly crowded but not unbearable. But the number of tickets keeps increasing each year:

  • Winter Brew Fest 2010 sold 1200 tickets
  • Winter Brew Fest 2011 sold 1500 tickets
  • Winter Brew Fest 2012 sold 2000 tickets
  • Winter Brew Fest sold…? This information is not available on their site.

This year, in addition to selling out, the folks at Brew Fest decided to employ a “1 in, 1 out” system, due to the fact that they had a “ton of requests from people who did not buy tickets in time.” Now, I don’t know when exactly the tickets went on sale, but when they did, I got an e-mail about it and ignored it. Then–weeks later–I saw a “daily deal” for half-priced tickets…so I figured I might as well do it. It’s not like GABF, where tickets were gone within mere minutes. But Brew Fest obviously wanted to make as much money as possible, not caring that they were basically screwing the rest of us competent people who actually purchased tickets. The “1 in, 1 out” system allows a non-ticket holder to pay and enter once another person is done and leaves. That way, instead of allowing ticket holders a little bit of breathing room toward the end of the night, the festival stays completely packed the entire time. There are certain breweries which are basically impenetrable after the first hour or so due to the enormity of the crowd (if anyone was there, think upstairs near the restrooms). And at one point, my friends and I found ourselves “in line” to simply try to get to the other side of the room. Beyond annoying.

So, which beers were best (and tastiest) at taking the edge off?  Here are my picks:

It was also my first time trying Fate, as they are gearing up for their grand opening in Boulder next week. I am highly interested in Fate and plan on paying them a visit in the very near future.

I’m not sure if I’d had anything from Elevation before, but these two beers were amazing. I’ve tried many bourbon barrel aged stouts, and this one was a standout for sure. And the horchata porter?! Brilliant idea.

I had heard of Big Choice, yet I hadn’t had their beer until this festival. I’ve decided it’s definitely worth the short drive to Broomfield to see what else they have to offer.

I was not aware of No-Li, so I was pleased to discover a new (to me) brewery. I found out they just started distributing in Colorado about 3 months ago, so I’ll be looking out for them.

And Copper Kettle’s Mexican Chocolate Stout is one of my all-time favorite beers. Ever. Always a winner.

That is probably the last time I will attend a Denver Brew Fest (Summer or Winter), as it’s getting (gotten) out of hand. But I’m glad I went last weekend, as I discovered some new favorites. Should the festival organizers decide to either move it to a larger venue or keep ticket sales under control enough so as to not feel like sardines in a can…count me in. But I’m not holding my breath.

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