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Do at the Zoo 2017: Recap

Banana pudding with salted caramel sauce from Post Oak Hall

This post is a bit late, but I wanted to make sure I got the chance to share about Do at the Zoo. Do at the Zoo is the Denver Zoo’s biggest annual fundraiser, occurring each June. This was my second time attending, and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s an adult-only event, so it’s the perfect date night, or just a wonderful evening to spend with a friend. And all for a great cause!

This year, over 55 of Denver’s best restaurants & bakeries participated, as well as several local breweries, distilleries, and more. There were approximately 35 restaurants and around 20 breweries, cideries, and distilleries, (see full list at end of post) each serving up unlimited samplings of their finest food and drinks.

Screech owl. She’s missing an eye, as she was injured in the wild and left unable to hunt for herself.

I always thoroughly enjoy Do at the Zoo. It’s a special night, as attendees can roam around, see and learn about the animals, and indulge in all the delicious offerings without worry of small children underfoot. And of course the variety of food and beverages is very impressive.

It was difficult to narrow down my favorites, but a few really stood out to me. Three beers that topped my list are: Strange Craft’s Cherry Kriek, Great Divide’s Strawberry Rhubarb Sour, and Fate Brewing Co.’s Coffee IPA. And, while there was an unbelievable amount of excellent food, I found the Banana Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce from Post Oak Hall to be the absolute best of all the bites!

Three delicious pizzas from Raccas/Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza. Happily for me, they were all vegetarian!

Do at the Zoo is awesome! It’s an annual event, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves good food, beer & cocktails, and animals. There are lots of gluten-free as well as vegetarian options too. And note: a large portion of the ticket price is tax-deductible.

Never been to Do at the Zoo? Check out the full list of participating restaurants, bakeries, breweries, and more for an idea of what to expect next year. This is one of my favorite events, and it’s such a worthwhile cause. Keep an eye on the zoo’s website for all the details for 2018!

White-cheeked gibbon


FATE Brewing Company



Cheesecake from Maggiano’s


Sesh Fest 2017

Sesh Fest is back! Next Saturday, August 5th, the 4th Annual Sesh Fest will be held at the Denver Highlands Masonic Center from 3-6:30 p.m. Over 50 local breweries will be pouring their best low ABV beers (5% or less). Come hang out, play some lawn games, listen to music and sip some of Colorado’s finest brews. Tickets are on sale now! Check out these great group deals:

Solo Mission Ticket: $30 single ticket price. For those that prefer to attend Sesh Fest without any strings. Ticket includes bottomless session beers and a commemorative tasting glass.

Beer Buddies 4 Pack: $112 package deal ($28 per ticket). Get three of your buddies in on this deal and receive discounted pricing per ticket. The Best Buddies package includes bottomless session beers, a commemorative tasting glass, and a limited edition Sesh Fest dealer visor. This package has a 4 ticket minimum.

Squad Goals 6 Pack: $156 package deal ($26 per ticket). Bring five members of your squad and receive discounted pricing per ticket. The Squad Goals package includes bottomless session beers, a commemorative tasting glass, a limited edition Sesh Fest dealer visor, and thirty minutes early entry. This package has a 6 ticket minimum.

Masters of Sesh 12 Pack: $288 package deal ($24 per ticket). Bring 11 pals and you’ll receive discounted pricing per ticket. The Masters of Sesh package includes bottomless session beers, a commemorative tasting glass, a limited edition Sesh Fest dealer visor, thirty minutes early entry, and specialty Sesh Fest t-shirts for everyone in your crew. This package has a 12 ticket minimum.

 What’s pouring? 


4 Noses Brewing Company—Tart Mango Wheat

This crisp and tart fruit wheat ale is made with mangos and subtle spices. ABV: 4.7%, IBU: 19


Baere Brewing Company—Baere-liner Weisse

A traditional Berliner Style Weisse with Woodruff syrup. ABV: 4.0%


Baere Brewing Company—Dry Hopped Gose

A Gose with sea salt, coriander, and dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin Hops. ABV: 4.0%


Baere Brewing Company—A Little Love

A traditional Saison dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc. ABV: 4.5%


Baere Brewing Company—Makin’ Noise Collaboration

A Norwegian farmhouse ale brewed with Scandinavian malt from Viking and Kveik yeast. ABV: 4.3%

Beryl’s Beer Company—Yöur Gaarden (Belgian Wit)

Light, refreshing, subtle spice and citrus notes.


Beryl’s Beer Company—Mila Rouge (Petite Sour w/ Black Currant and  Pink Guava)

Bright and tart with tons of grapefruit with a touch of sweetness from the guava.


Black Bottle Brewery—Hopelessly Devoted (Saison)

This straight up Saison is brewed with German Pilsner and Vienna with the addition of wheat and is hopped with EKG and Saaz. ABV: 4.6%


Black Bottle Brewery—Doby (Session IPA)

Similar to Scuba Steve but brewed with a lower ABV in mind, this beer is hopped with Simcoe, Crystal, Mosaic, and El Dorado and dry hopped with Mosaic and El Dorado. ABV: 4.6%


Call to Arms Brewing Company—Berkeley Blond Ale

An homage to the brewery’s neighborhood and brewed with Colorado’s warm weather in mind, this lightly tart Blond Ale offers soft notes of blueberry, pineapple, and pear.


CAUTION: Brewing Company—The Earl

An Earl Gray English mild ale brewed with copious amounts of Earl Gray with that signature aroma of oranges, bergamot, vanilla, and tea.


Cerebral Brewing—Smooth Moves

A Berliner Weisse conditioned on guava, strawberry, pineapple and lactose.


Cerebral Brewing—Muscle Memory

An American Pale Ale brewed with oats and hopped with Centennial, Simcoe and Mandarina.


Colorado Cider Company—Radl’ah Session Cider

Made with fresh pressed apple juice, lemongrass and lemon balm, this session cider is similar in style to a German radler and is 100% gluten-free. ABV: 4.25%


Crooked Stave—Petite Sour Rosè

Primary fermented with a mixed culture of wild yeast, each batch of Petite Sour undergoes a secondary fermentation in large oak foeders with a generous amount of whole fruit. Showcasing the second use fruit skins for a light rose color and strawberry aroma we aged this beer on the skins or raspberries. Petite Sour Rosé is the perfect sour beer for all seasons and occasions. ABV: 4.5%


Elevation Beer Company—Pilsner

Pours light gold, with aromas of honeysuckle and German noble hops. Moderately dry and slightly bitter, this beer has all of the traits you have come to expect from a celebratory lager.


Elevation Beer Company—Wit

Aromas of grains and citrus with flavors of subtle orange zest and wheat meld with coriander and spice. Easy drinking with an effervescent finish.


Epic Brewing Company—Los Locos Mexican-Style Lager 

A bright golden lager inspired by the warm sun and white sand beaches of the Gulf. This easy sipping beer has just a hint of malt sweetness, a dash of sea salt & a refreshing splash of lime. It’s the perfect summer afternoon in a glass.


Epic Brewing Company—Tart n’ Juicy Sour IPA

The clean, puckering tartness of kettle-souring is combined with an abundance of juicy, citrus driven hops to create a beer that’s the best of both worlds.


Fiction Beer Company—Parallel Structure (Limeade Sour)

Limey from start to finish! This beer is bright golden with transient head with a faint hint of kaffir lime leaves on the nose, strong citric sour taste and sweet limeade finish.


Fiction Beer Company—Tiger Lunch (Blood Orange Blond)

The bright flavor of over 1.5lb per gallon of blood orange was added to Fiction’s American Blond base recipe.  The result is a malty, crisp, clean and citrusy session beer.  A perfect summer refresher.


Goldspot Brewery—Risky Business

This dry-hopped pale ale has Mosaic and Galaxy hops that gives way to a dank, tropical profile with notes of pineapple and passion fruit. This is a hoppy beer that you can drink on any warm day. ABV: 5.0%


Goldspot Brewery—Julia’s Blessing

Named after owner Matt Hughes wife Julia, this lightly hopped Kolsch style ale features flavors of straw, wheat and rock candy. ABV: 5.0%


Great Divide Brewing Company—Zwickelbier

This unfiltered German ale is malt-forward with tones of bread and toasted cracker and just enough earthy hop character for a crisp finish. The addition of Mandarina Bavaria hops brings a surprise hint of tangerine and citrus.


Great Divide Brewing Company—Roadie Grapefruit Radler

Brewed with natural grapefruit puree, this easy-drinking ale pours a hazy sunrise gold and is bursting with citrus aroma. Unique in its class, this Radler is refreshing and slightly tart, with just enough bitterness to keep both cyclists and spectators coming back for more. ABV: 4.2%


Holidaily Brewing Company—Buckwit Belgian

This Belgian-style wit captures the essence of a summer session beer with an orange undertone and a hint of coriander. Kick back, soak in some rays and satisfy your thirst with the refreshing taste of Buckwit Belgian.


Horse & Dragon Brewing Company—Hüll Melon Session IPA

Brewed with an emphasis on Hüll Melon hops, each time you smell this straw-golden beer you’ll pick up something different such as aromas of pine, cantaloupe, honeydew, peach or a grassy fresh aroma that’ll remind you of the hard work you just did mowing the lawn. When the hops are combined with Mandarina Bavaria, the resultant flavors of light grapefruit and lemon dance across your tongue.  The beer is light-bodied and finishes brightly.  One pint may not be enough of this ultimate summer refresher! Hüll day, every day! ABV: 4.5%


Horse & Dragon Brewing Company—Surf & Rescue Coconut-Lime American Wheat

This is your refreshing and flavorful hot-weather go-to beer. A light American wheat beer base is laced with substantial amounts of Makrut lime leaves, evident in both aroma and taste.  Organic shaved coconut rounds out the mouthfeel and gives a smooth, silky texture that contrasts with the slight peppery bite of the lime.  On breathing out, you’ll be revisited by both of these flavors. ABV: 4.5%


Horse & Dragon Brewing Company—Sage Adweisse Berliner Weisse

A light, effervescent, slightly tart wheat ale that tastes refreshing.  Dominant ingredients are evident from the first sniff: wheaty goodness mixed with traditional German yeast scents and a hint of tartness. Slight souring is present due to an initial addition of lactobacillus to the mash, and one glass will make you wonder why anyone ever put a lime in a beer. An extremely quaffable drink, in 1809 Napoleon’s troops dubbed Berliner Weisse the Champagne of the North.  ABV: 3.6%


Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project—Belgian Blonde

This beer is light and crisp with a healthy dose of Belgian yeast spice on the nose. ABV: 4.5%


Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project—Scottish 80 Shilling

A slightly malty, sessionable beer to enjoy on a beautiful day. ABV: 4.2%


Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.—Kolsch

Crisp, clean, and refreshing, this German beer boasts an almost Cheerio malt flavor and aroma with hints of mild green apple/pear characteristics. Great for summer patio sipping.  In a world of adjunct beers and super hoppy IPA’s, sometimes you need a beer that tastes like a beer, this is it. ABV: 5.0%


Little Machine Brewing—Fun City Session IPA

Hopped with Vic Secret and Mosaic and with local malt from Root Shoot Malting. ABV: 4.9%, IBU: 65


Lost Highway Brewing Company—Peachy Peachy Kissy Kiss

A tart and refreshing Berliner Weisse made with peach puree. ABV: 3.2%, IBU 10


Lost Highway Brewing Company—Longest, Wickedest Wit

A classic Belgian White style with a blend of wheat malts and barley, and nicely spiced with orange peel and coriander. ABV: 5.0%, IBU 15


Makin’ Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer with Goldspot Brewing

Kveik dry hopped with Eldorado & Azacca. ABV: 4.2%


Makin’ Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer with Black Sky Brewery

Kveik with Bergamot. ABV 5.2%


Makin’ Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer with Baere Brewing Company

Kveik with Juniper and Hallertau Blanc. ABV: 4.3%


Makin’ Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer with Colorado Plus Brew Pub

Kveik with Juniper & Honey. ABV: 4.8%


Mockery Brewing—Mukduk Cucumber Berliner Weiss

Mukduk Cucumber Berliner Weiss starts as a traditional German Berliner Weiss but then 700 lbs of peeled and diced cucumbers are added to the beer, aged for four days, resulting in a light, crisp, tart German ale that is great for a hot day. ABV: 3.2%


Odell Brewing Co—Loose Leaf Session Ale 

Crisp and refreshing like any respectable session ale, but a bit more hop-forward and flavorful than some. ABV: 4.5%


Odell Brewing Co—Easy Street

Light in color with refreshing citrus undertones, Easy Street is an unfiltered American-style wheat beer. The yeast gives the beer a nice, smooth finish, a slight fruit flavor, and its distinct cloudy appearance. ABV: 4.5%


Odyssey Beerwerks—Palm Tree Pilsner

An homage to the islands, with a flourish of spicy hops and a deep malt character, this Pilsner is crisp and refreshing. Best consumed while wearing shades and basking on a beach. ABV: 4.7%


Oskar Blues Brewery—Pinner

This drinkable IPA uses several varieties of hops to target the ever-evolving flavor. With tropical fruits, citrus juices, pineapple and spice berry up front in the aroma and flavor, the biscuit and toasted bread at the back balance out all the hops and make a great finish to go on to your next can of PINNER. It’s the perfect beer for a little sip, sip, give. ABV: 4.9%, IBU: 35


Oskar Blues Brewery—Beerito

This is a light bodied, amber Mexican lager brewed with premium German and coloRADo sourced craft malts and featuring a crisp accent from noble hops. The mouth feel is incredibly smooth with flavors of walnut, toasted bread, plum, honey and cocoa – 4% ABV doesn’t always come with this kind of character. IBU: 21


Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company—Simcoe smash pale ale

A dank session pale ale brewed with Pale malt and Simcoe hops. ABV: 4.7%


Prost Brewing —WEISSBIER

Weissbier (Vice Beer) is a traditional German wheat bier. With flavors of banana and clove this Bavarian specialty is well known within our market. With its slightly citrusy and sweet flavor it is perfect for the summer or any time you just want an easy drinking flavorful bier. ABV: 4.5%, IBU: 12


Prost Brewing—KÖLSCH

This bier is delicate and pale with less bitterness than a Pils and less sweetness than a Helles. A subtle fruitiness is the hallmark of this classic style from Köln. Along with Alt, this is one of the last ale holdouts in Germany. ABV: 4.6%, IBU: 22


Ratio Beerworks—New Wave (Strawberry Berliner Weisse)

Warmer days are upon us, which means it’s time to cool down with our summer seasonal, New Wave. New Wave is a kettle soured, Strawberry Berliner Weisse brewed with patio sessions in mind. This bright pink Berliner Weisse is light, tart, effervescent, and clean on the finish. Strawberries are the dominant flavor profile, as each batch is fermented on over 300 pounds of real strawberries. ABV: 4.0%, IBU: 5


Ratio Beerworks—Rented World (Session IPA)

Inspired by the Possible Worlds collaboration which includes Call to Arms, Cannonball Creek, Station 26, and TRVE, Rented World was such a staff favorite, that Ratio brought it back as a Session IPA. For Rented World, employed are the highest volume of late aroma hops to date, with massive amounts of Citra and El Dorado. This easy-drinking session IPA is big on bright citrus and pine flavors, but a mere wrinkle on the harsh bitterness scale due to the limited use of bittering hops. ABV: 4.8%, IBU: 41


Resolute Brewing Company—Resolute Session IPA

A decidedly hoppy and bitter, sessionable American pale ale, showcasing modern American hop varieties.


Resolute Brewing Company—Resolute Hefeweizen

A beautiful hazy, straw-colored, refreshing German wheat beer with high carbonation, a delectable dry finish, a fluffy mouthfeel, and a distinctive banana-and-clove yeast character. Unfiltered and traditional in every sense of the Bavarian style.


Resolute Brewing Company—Resolute Robust Porter

A moderate-strength traditional style Porter with a roasty character and bitterness. The Resolute Porter has a subtly robust profile of chocolate, coffee, caramel and a roasted malty presence. Pours silky black with a creamy tan head.


River North Brewery—FarmHouse

Brewed with a very particular strain of yeast that produces a slew of gorgeous Belgian esters. ABV: 4.6%


Ska Brewing Company—True Blonde Ale

A crisp Blonde Ale that’s golden in color, medium in body—she’s brewed with the help and the honey of Durango’s Honeyville™ bees.


Ska Brewing Company—Rudie Session IPA

Rudie begins with a big fruity hop aroma of pears and watermelon candy, but is relatively low in actual bitterness.


Ska Brewing Company—Pink Vapor Stew- Ska Mod Project #1

A tropical medley of citrus, sour and tart flavors blended together originally for the brewery’s 21st anniversary.  Citra and Belma hops combine with beets, carrots, ginger and apples turning the brew into a Pink Vapor Stew!


Something Brewery—Beez Knees (Honey Blonde)

Made with 5 pounds of honey per barrel in a light refreshing American blonde. A great sesh beer for a hot day. ABV: 5.0%


Something Brewery—Peach Walker (Berliner Weisse)

40 pounds of peaches went into this amazing medium sour kettle Berliner Weisse. Super crushable for a summer day. ABV: 4.5%


Something Brewery—Vantastic (Vanilla Coconut Tea Infused Porter)

Made with vanilla coconut robust tea and 12 pounds of sweetened coconut with half toasted in a smooth chocolate Porter. ABV: 5.0%


Soulcraft Brewing—Helles (German Style  Light Lager)

Moon Itcher is brewed with Pale German Pilsner malt and balanced by German Noble hops.  Body is light and crisp accented by a solid hop bitter.  A floral hop aroma is evident in the dense rocky head.  ABV: 4.5%


Soulcraft Brewing—Coconut Milk Stout (Milk Stout Infused with Real Toasted Coconut)

This Milk Stout is brewed with the traditional addition of lactose, or milk sugar.  This adds a subtle sweetness and creaminess to counter the heavy roast flavors from darker malts. Hand toasted coconut is added to the finished beer, creating an intense flavor and aroma of coconut and chocolate.  Body is full with a semi-sweet, coconut finish. ABV: 4.6%


Station 26 Brewing Company—Lemondrop Wheat

A bright and summery American wheat beer brewed with Lemondrop hops and lemon. Gluten-reduced. ABV: 4.5%, IBU: 17


Station 26 Brewing Company—Passionfruit Gose

This lightly tart German wheat beer was kettle soured for 18 hours, brewed with pink Himalayan sea salt and fermented on passionfruit puree. ABV: 5.0%, IBU: 13


Steamworks Brewing Company—Colorado Kolsch

It is a light and crisp derivative of a German-style Kolsch bier characterized with a hint of sweetness. An amazingly quenching ale, it is popular year-round beer that has won 4 Silver medals at the Great American Beer Festival, and one Silver medal at the World Beer Cup in Koln, Germany.


Stem Ciders—Raspberry & Pear Apple Cider Slushies


Stem Ciders—A Salted Cucumber

A collaboration with The Real Dill, this is a hopped apple cider with fresh cucumber juice and sea salt.


Strange Craft Beer Company—Cherry Kriek

Think cherry pie in a glass. Think cherries picked fresh from the tree. This Belgian Blonde Ale has so many cherries crammed into every glass even the foamy head is red. ABV: 5.0%


Strange Craft Beer Company—Fallout Pale Ale

Brewed in the aftermath of our 2016 Dr Strangelove Barelywine batch, this small Pale Ale explodes with hop presence. After the initial air burst of Citra and Mosaic aromas, the shockwave of citrusy hop flavors overwhelms your senses. But never fear, this small Pale is so sessionable, you can always order a second before you reach ground zero. ABV: 4.4%


Telluride Brewing Company—Whacked Out Wheat (American Style Wheat)

An easy drinking American style wheat. It’s light, crisp and extremely refreshing. 2015 GABF Silver winner.  and 2016 World Beer Cup Silver winner. ABV: 4.9%


Telluride Brewing Company—Greensky Blue Ribbon (Mosaic Hopped Lager)

Brewed with the band Greensky Bluegrass, this lager is golden in color while crisp in flavor, and finishes with a light hoppy backbone. Perfect for taking down the river, smacking homeruns in the park—and of course—listening to Greensky Bluegrass! ABV: 4.7%


The Brew on Broadway (The BoB)—US 285 Kolsch    

This Kolsch is brewed with Pale malt barley with an addition of some Munich Malt, and then hopped with Hallertauer and Saaz hops and finished with a Kolsch ale yeast. ABV: 4.9%, IBU: 22  


The Brew on Broadway (The BoB)—Little Dry Creek Australian Sparkling Ale

This beer starts with a popular down under and unique hop called Pride of Ringwood.   A spicy hop reminiscent of woody or earthy notes is combined with English Maris Otter, Australian Yeast, and finished with Champagne yeast to give this seasonal ale a nice dry crisp finish. ABV: 4.9%, IBU: 32


The Post Brewing Company—Howdy Beer (All-American Pilsner)

Post has taken the notion of the American Pilsener and have refreshed and renewed it as a gloriously drinkable celebration of our unique American brewing heritage and amazing American ingredients. This smooth, drinkable pils features a lovely American hop flavor and aroma which gives way to a delicate malt flavor that finishes crisp and clean. ABV: 4.5%


Upslope Brewing Company—Craft Lager                       

A premium American lager brewed entirely of malted barley. Snowmelt-infused and river-ready, this Colorado-style session beer stands side-by-side with our family of premium ales to bring you a clean, easy, light-bodied lager for the ages.


Upslope Brewing Company—Belgian Style Blonde w/ Guava

This sessionable Belgian Style Blonde Ale is brewed with guava puree, premium pilsner malt, white wheat and East Kent Golding hops. At a modest 4% abv, it’s bright, crisp and light bodied – an effortless sipper with a tropical touch.


WestFax Brewing Company—Cilantro Lime Ale

A light American Ale, brewed with lime zest, lime juice, and cilantro.  The citrusy lime presents itself first but gives way to the floral, earthy cilantro in the finish.   Perfect for taco Tuesday or patio drinking on a hot summer day.


Wibby BrewingMountain Mann Mild

A sessionable, mildly roasty, mahogany larger. Brewed with traditional English malts and American hops. ABV: 4.5%


Wibby BrewingLightshine Radler

Lightshine Helles with a splash of raspberry lemonade. The perfect combination of sweet and tart. ABV: 4.5%


Wonderland Brewing—Tweedle Weiss Stone Fruit

This is a belgian wheat beer brewed with apricots and peaches.


Ticket Alert: GABF 2017

Photo courtesy of the Great American Beer Festival Facebook page

Ladies and gentlemen: Mark your calendars. 2017 Great American Beer Festival tickets go on sale next week!

Tuesday, August 1 is the Member Pre-Sale. Wednesday, August 2 is the Public Sale. 

Here are all the details for GABF 2017, from the Brewers Association:

Find Your #HoppyPlace at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival®

 What: For the 36th year, beer lovers will gather in Colorado at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), the renowned American beer festival and competition, to find their #HoppyPlace and sample some 3,800 beers from more than 800 breweries around the country.

 When: Thursday, October 5: 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

               Friday, October 6: 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

               Saturday, October 7*: 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

              *Brewers Association and American Homebrewers Association members-only session

               Saturday, October 7: 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

 Where: Colorado Convention Center (700 14th Street, Denver, Colorado)

 Why: GABF brings together the brewers and beers that make the U.S. the world’s most diverse brewing nation. Since its conception in 1982, GABF has been growing and evolving along with the American brewing community and represents the largest collection of U.S. beer ever served, in the format of a public tasting event plus a privately judged competition. Showcasing scores of diverse beers, Thrillist dubbed the event, “The One Beer Festival You Must Go to Before You Die.”

This year, GABF will welcome back popular awards and attractions—including the Golden Ticket Giveaway, Heavy Medal Booth and Support Your Local Brewery Pavilion—offering attendees the opportunity to sample unique indie and international award-winning beers.

 Ticket Info: GABF tickets will be available for purchase to the general public online on August 2, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. MDT/12:00 p.m. EDT via

A ticket pre-sale exclusively for members of the American Homebrewers Association and Brewers Association will take place on August 1, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. MDT/12:00 p.m. EDT. Members will receive a personal offer code to purchase tickets for this session. You must have purchased a membership to the American Homebrewers Association or Brewers Association by July 23, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, to be eligible for the member pre-sale.

Members-Only Session tickets are $70 each, with a two ticket limit per member number.

General Session tickets are $85 public/$80 members (if purchased during the members only sale on August 1) and include:

  • Commemorative tasting cup
  • Unlimited one-ounce samples of your choice of 3,800 beers
  • Festival guide and free app to help attendees navigate the festival hall
  • Access to dozens of educational and interactive seminars
  • Opportunity to speak with brewery representatives at designated “Meet the Brewer” booths.
  • Complimentary artisan cheese samples, craft soda samples and a variety of other food options.
  • Entertainment, including live music, games, costumes, a silent disco and more.

Note: Due to limited availability, GABF General Session ticket sales are capped at four tickets per session per ticket buyer.

Additional ticket information can be found on the GABF website.

******BrüFrouFEST 2017******

My overall favorite pairing: Rackhouse + C Squared Ciders: 6 Cheese Mac and Cheese Balls on a bed of apple cider slaw with cider dipping sauce, paired with Fuzz peach cider aged in oak barrels.

BrüFrouFEST just celebrated its fourth year, and with it came some big changes. The 2014, 2015 and 2016 events were all held in the spring at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum. But this year it was outdoors at the Tivoli Quad, and it was in July instead. And there was more of everything: 130 chefs, brewers & mixologists, 80 culinary pairings, 6 live bands, and a DJ.

Ticketing structure was different as well. General Admission tickets were offered for $40, which included 8 pairings. VIP tickets were $125, with unlimited pairings (including access to all GA pairings plus 20 additional pairing partners), an upgraded polypropylene party plate, and perhaps most importantly for an outdoor event on a hot summer day: access to a shaded VIP tent area with plenty of tables and chairs (the large white tent pictured in the background of the photo above).

Glazed & Confused + Fiction Beer Company: Mango cheesecake with a graham cracker crusted donut hole, paired with Cream Ale with bourbon barrel aged cold brewed coffee

As a vegetarian, the VIP ticket wasn’t the best option for me since I can’t partake in most of the pairings. However, provided the set-up remains the same next year, I highly recommend going with VIP for access to all pairings and the large tent, as the amount of shade in the GA area was extremely limited. There were around 10 or so small tents available to the GA crowd, most of which were quickly occupied by groups of people who, if lucky enough to snag one, seemed to cling to them for the majority of the time. Outdoor events are great, but without proper shade, the fest might be better suited for a May or September date rather than July. But did I enjoy myself anyway? Absolutely!

Despite the heat, the beer was cold, the food was delicious, and the pairings were very well done—as always.
Of the eight pairings I had, there is one clear winner in my mind, and that was Rackhouse + C Squared Ciders: 6 Cheese Mac and Cheese Balls on a bed of apple cider slaw with cider dipping sauce, paired with Fuzz peach cider aged in oak barrels. The two blended together amazingly well to create the perfect flavor combination.

MouCo Cheese Company + Ska Brewing: Truffelo, paired with Modus Hoperandi IPA

There were a couple of others that came in close second: Dar Chocolate + Great Divide Brewing: Cafe Nero chocolate square paired with a Yeti Imperial Stout, and MouCo Cheese Company + Ska Brewing: Truffelo, paired with Modus Hoperandi IPA. Both chocolate and cheese are known to be great foods to pair with beer, and these folks definitely knew what they were doing.

Dar Chocolate + Great Divide Brewing: Cafe Nero chocolate square paired with a Yeti Imperial Stout

Cafe Nero is 90% Ecuador cacao with Ethiopian coffee beans, which really brought out the essence of the roasted malts in the Yeti.
Truffelo is a creamy, buttery cheese which, in turn, made the very hoppy Modus seem much smoother than when drinking it on its own.
I can honestly say that every pairing I had was pretty incredible, but these three were tops.

Dar Chocolate + Great Divide Brewing: Pomegoddess cacao spread on a banana slice, paired with a Hercules Double IPA

All of the chefs, brewers and mixologists did a fantastic job with the pairings, and the event was spacious and fun. The only suggestion I have for next time is to either have more shade (and tables) in the general area or move it to the spring or fall. But it was still a wonderful festival with an unbelievable amount of top-notch food and drinks, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for BrüFrouFEST 2018!

Great Divide’s 2017 Block Party at The Square on 21st

 Great Divide’s 2017 Block Party

Raspberry Sour—highly recommend!

Last Saturday, July 8, was Great Divide’s annual summer party. Typically held in June to celebrate their anniversary, Great Divide changed things up this year with something new and different. Instead of an anniversary bash, the celebration was a July summer block party at the newly created Square on 21st Street, an urban green space on 21st Street between Larimer & Lawrence, just a couple blocks from the downtown brewery.
It was a hot, sunny day, and guests were greeted at the entrance with an ice cold can of Denver Pale Ale to quench their thirst. But just about about an hour in, a quick rain shower really cooled things off for the remainder of the afternoon, which made for perfect weather for an outdoor party.

Yeti & friends having fun at the party

It was a very casual, relaxed event, and attendees were even allowed to come and go as they pleased. General admission ticket holders had access to several year-round beers like Titan, Colette, DPA, Samurai, and Roadie Grapefruit Radler (such an excellent summer beer!). And a few of my favorites: Hercules, Yeti, and Strawberry Rhubarb Sour.
A limited number of VIP tickets were offered, which included the perk of additional VIP-only beers such as Laws Whiskey Barrel Aged Yeti, Hazy IPA, The Smoothness, All the Buzz Words (Weldworks collaboration), Barrel Aged Imperial Red with Cherries, Hades Belgian Golden Strong Ale and more, as well as a few different firkin tappings. There were two beers in particular that I found myself going back for again and again: Local Knowledge Raspberry Sour and Red Wine Barrel Aged Yeti. The Raspberry Sour was just released a couple weeks before this event, and I got my first taste there. I found it to be even more tart than the Strawberry Rhubarb, which I loved!

Lawn games

While the beer was the main attraction, many games of corn hole were played, food trucks were on-site, and three different bands entertained partygoers throughout the afternoon.
I really enjoyed this year’s party. While well-attended, overcrowding was not an issue. There was plenty of room for everyone to move about, stand around, and sit. And I never had to wait more than 2 minutes or so for a beer. Many thanks to Great Divide for yet another awesome event!

Beautiful day to drink beer outdoors!

Get WILD with Odell’s Green Coyote Tomatillo Sour

Photo courtesy of Odell Brewing Co

WHOOdell Brewing Co.
WHATGreen Coyote Tomatillo Sour, 5.1% ABV
WHEN: Taproom release TODAY, June 14, at Odell Brewing (800 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins). In stores now!
WHERE: Available for a limited time in 12 oz. bottles across Odell’s 15-state distribution footprint (Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona, Illinois and Iowa).
ABOUT: A bit of info from Odell: A bright, crisp take on a classic Berliner Weisse. A bountiful spring harvest of tomatillo fruit creates a slight sweetness and tangy bite, while subtle notes of kiwi, cucumber, lemon bowl alongside tartness on the tongue. The untamed freshness of Green Coyote will have you lapping it up at high-noon, or in the glow of the moonlight.
MY THOUGHTS: I’ll admit I thought this sounded like a really weird ingredient for a beer, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I like tomatillos, and I like beer. But a combo of the two? It really piqued my curiosity, and I was eager to try it.
I’m happy to say it’s not weird at all! It’s a very tasty, easy drinking sour. It’s quite a bit more tart than your average Berliner Weisse, though not a puckering sour. The tomatillo is noticeable yet subtle. I drank the first one on its own in order to completely absorb the flavors in the beer itself, but Odell has some excellent food pairing ideas, such as fried green tomatoes, fresh salsa, and grilled sirloin steak. With my next Green Coyote I plan to pair it with both a red and green salsa to see what differences each one brings out in the beer. I’m also thinking some sort of tropical fruit sorbet would go amazingly well with it.
Put Green Coyote on your “summer sour” list. And with a beer this interesting, you can really get creative with food pairings. Or even incorporate it into your own recipes. Give this fun, delicious sour a try!

July Beer Events

Anniversaries, Festivals, Pairings, Tappings…July is packed with beer events! Click here to see what’s happening in Colorado! Including:

Strange Craft Beer Company

The Post Brewing

Black Shirt Brewing

Bruz Beers

Great Divide

Baere Brewing Co.

Colorado Brewers Rendezvous

Finkel & Garf Brewing Co.

Alpine Dog Brewing

Ratio Beerworks

Joyride Brewing Company

Call to Arms Brewing Company

SOWN Project


Twisted Pine Brewing Company

Arvada on Tap

Westy Craft Brew Fest

Jul-IPA at the West End Tavern

Great Divide’s NEW SOUR, & Summer Party Info!

This Saturday, Great Divide Brewing is releasing the third of its Local Knowledge series, Raspberry Sour (5.6% ABV). This beer is a kettle sour brewed with over 200 pounds of raspberry puree. This limited batch brew will be exclusively available on draft and in 6-packs at the Great Divide Tap Room and Barrel Bar starting at 12 p.m. on Saturday, June 24th. Get it while it lasts!

***Local Knowledge is Great Divide’s hyper-limited, hyper-local pilot series. These single-batch, pilot brews are designed to give you something new to take home each time you visit. Drink, discover, and share your #localknowledge.***


Also: Everything you need to know about

Great Divide’s 2017 Block Party 

When: Saturday, July 8, 2-6 pm

Where:  Square on 21st Street (2062 Larimer Street , Denver)

What: Much like Great Divide parties of the past, this event will be a block party in downtown Denver! However, instead of being held on Great Divide’s block, it will be nearby at the newly created Square on 21st Street.

“Great Divide is getting back to its roots with a summer block party at the Square on 21st Street, a newly created urban green space on 21st Street between Larimer & Lawrence streets. The event will be a relaxed affair with music, lawn games and plenty of delicious beer in a unique outdoor venue. Think of it as a sort of “not an Anniversary-party party.” Wait, that didn’t help, did it?

Because we know there is a lot going on in this great city of ours, we’ve taken the stress out of committing to a day-long event by offering different tiers of participation. The capacity at this venue is limited so if you’re committed to your relationship with Great Divide, we encourage you to get your tickets in advance.”

Here’s the breakdown:

Tier 1: Put A Ring On It – $40
For our Yeti Mafia-worthy fans who have no problem committing to a great time, $40 will get you unlimited 4 oz. pours of rare, specialty and core beers along with a commemorative glass, Great Divide limited edition Hop Disciples pin and VIP status for fast-tracked beer service. You will also have access to exclusive, limited beer tastings not available to other attendees.

Tier 2: Going Steady – $10
Not ready to pop the question? Since space at The Square is limited, this $10 ticket ensures that we will save room for you to join us, and it gets you a free Denver Pale Ale upon entrance, just to remind you what a good thing you’ve got.

Tier 3: Don’t Tie Me Down – $5 at the door
For those simply looking for a casual hang, $5 will get you in the door along with one free Denver Pale Ale. Please note there is no guarantee of entry day-of. Giving you the option to keep it casual means we don’t know how many people to expect to show up. If you can’t commit to us we can’t commit to you. You understand, right? If you want to reserve your space at the party, just wear our varsity jacket already and get that “Going Steady” ticket. Don’t make us play hard to get.

Once inside, beer tokens will be available for purchase, unless you committed to the $40 unlimited tasting experience ticket.

Other info:

2:30pm: Ned Garthe Explosion
3:30pm: Kitty Crimes
4:30pm: The Still Tide

Beer Lineup: (subject to change)
Beers available for purchase with general admission ticket: Titan, Colette, Denver Pale Ale, Hercules, Yeti, Strawberry Rhubarb Sour, Samurai (note: these are also available to VIPs in sample size or full pours).

Beers available only to VIP in tasting sizes: IPA w/ Black Tea, BA Imperial Red, Laws BA Yeti, Breckenridge BA Yeti, All the Buzz Words (Weldworks collaboration), Hazy IPA, The Smoothness, Hades, Local Knowledge #3 Raspberry Sour, along with some other pilot brews and firkins.

Great Divide is teaming with Ballpark Neighborhood Association and Levitt Pavilion Denver to make this event happen and proceeds will go to benefit Levitt Pavilion Denver. This event is 21+.

Spectacular Sours: Kannah Creek’s Sour Beer Project

Photo courtesy of Kannah Creek Brewing Company

Summer is here! It’s time to seek out some new beers that are right for the season. With more daylight hours and warmer temperatures, I look for sessionable options that are delicious, flavorful, and a bit lower in ABV than the typical 7-8% IPAs that normally fill my fridge. And I haven’t had much luck with session IPAs; I find most of them to be on the watery side and often overly hopped. So I’ve had my challenges when searching for high quality session beers. Until now. Kannah Creek Brewing Company from Grand Junction, Colorado, has given me an answer to my struggles with its new series of session sours.
I’m a huge fan of sours, and I’m very pleased to have found Kannah Creek’s new Sour Beer ProjectThese beers are highly approachable. They aren’t overly sour; they probably won’t make you pucker, but they are tart for sure. I see these beers appealing to those who are new to sours (call them starter-sours, perhaps), as well as to seasoned sour-drinkers who want something to sip on throughout the day/night without getting too buzzed too quickly. And there are four different spectacular options in this series.

The beers:


A session style Belgian blonde ale, kettle soured and infused with peaches.
ABV 4.7%        IBU 18


A hop forward American session sour ale with citrus zest.
ABV 5%        IBU 50


A session style Belgian blonde ale, kettle soured and infused with apricots.
ABV 4.7%        IBU 18


A Flanders inspired reddish-brown, session sour ale with raspberries.
ABV 4.9%        IBU 20
I thoroughly enjoyed them all and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who likes sours. After trying all four, I can say that my favorites were Hop Citrus Zest and the Apricot. The Hop Citrus Zest is unique and very refreshing: think fresh orange, lemon, and lime zest combined into a slightly hoppy sour. Each drink really made my palate come alive! The Apricot is full of fresh fruit flavor. I found it to be more fruity than the peach, and when I drink a fruit beer I really want that fruit to come through. So while I prefer the Apricot, the Peach Sour would be a great choice for those who just want a hint of fruit instead of the full-blown flavor throughout. The Framboise was tasty and easy to drink; it didn’t seem quite as sweet as others I’ve had of this style, which was nice.
These beers are all 5% ABV or less, making this series an ideal choice for summer, especially for those times when you just aren’t ready to call it a night.
Give these awesome sours a try! They’re all available on draft and in 22oz bottles throughout Colorado. Want to know where to find them? The beer locator will show you the way! Cheers!

June Beer Events

Summer is upon us! And that means even more beer events than ever. June 2017 in Colorado is full of beer festivals, brewery anniversaries, brunches, photo shoots and more. Click here for full details. And get ready to celebrate with:

Alpine Dog Brewing Company 

Denver Beer Co

Boulder Beer Company

Nighthawk Brewery

Platt Park Brewing Company

Easy Brews Beer Festival

Fiction Beer Company 

Dragstravaganza Punk Rock Drag Show at Ratio Beerworks

 2017 New Kids on the Block Beer Festival 

 6th Annual “A Night to Remember” Beer Festival 

Banded Oak Brewing Company

Snowmass Rendezvous

2017 Criterium and Brewfest

Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers at 3 Colorado breweries

Hogshead Brewery

Vail Craft Beer Classic

The Corner Office Brewers Brunch with Denver Beer Co 

TRVE Brewing

Renegade Brewing Company

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