Caution: Falling Rock may cause Dain Bramage

February is yet another fantastic month for beer in Denver.  Not only is it Stout Month, it’s also Barleywine Month, a.k.a. Dain Bramage month, at Falling Rock Tap House. 

Falling Rock is undoubtedly one of the best tap houses around.  With over 75 taps and the motto “No Crap on Tap,” you can never go wrong, regardless of what kind of beer you’re in the mood for.  While I normally choose IPAs, I’ve had to make a couple of trips lately to try out some of the dozen or so rotating barleywines which have been available this month.  Some are newer recipes while others are vintage kegs.  Some are served in full pints while others are half-pints.  To date I have tried the following barleywines:

  • Anchor Old Foghorn
  • Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2008
  • Napa Smith Grateful Dog
  • Great Divide Old Ruffian 2010
  • Alaskan Barleywine 2011

I am unable to provide reviews for the above brews, as my dain is a little bramaged.  I’ll try to do better next time.  But if you’re a fan of barleywine, get thee to Falling Rock ASAP, or you’ll be sad you missed it.

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