Mile High Spirits: No beer, but you should go here!

I believe this is my very first non-beer related post since I began my blog. Obviously, I love beer. It’s my drink of choice. But that doesn’t mean I don’t also enjoy other types of  inebriants from time to time.  And I’ve recently taken a liking to one place in particular: Mile High Spirits.

Mile High Spirits (2920 Larimer St.) is a distillery where they produce their own whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum. They also have a wonderful space to hang out and try their products.  It appears to be a former warehouse, and it’s very open and spacious. There are numerous options for sitting: on nice days you can sit right by the open garage door and take in the breeze. Or have a seat on one of their big comfy couches or chairs. The bar has lots of stools if you’d prefer that. They also have a pool table if you want to get up and do something. It’s just a really pleasant place to spend an afternoon or an evening. Now onto the important stuff: drinks!

While they always have their four staple liquors available, they also infuse things all the time, so you never know what kind of fun and interesting concoctions they’ll have on any given day. I’ve had a pineapple vodka martini (which was damn good) and a pickle-pepperoncini vodka martini complete with garlic & jalapeno stuffed olives (that one I didn’t care for so much, but I had to try it; if you like dirty martinis, you’d like it).  My husband is partial to their whiskey mules. Last time I decided to try a shot of the cotton candy “TinyTini,” a lower-alcohol “ready to drink vodka cocktail,” and it did in fact taste exactly like cotton candy; good for one shot, but I wouldn’t want an entire glass full. Plus, it’s lower in alcohol, which is never a positive thing to me! But they have a few more flavors that sound good, so I might have a couple more shots next time around. They even have a berry infused whiskey, which I absolutely must try ASAP.

Mile High Spirits is a great place if you like whiskey, gin, vodka, or rum. Stop in and try out one of their inventive, delicious drinks!

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