One Month to GABF!!! Your 2011 Favorites?

I’ve been looking forward to this year’s GABF since…uh, I guess that would be since the day after last year’s Saturday session.  I feel extremely lucky to live in downtown Denver, as my only cost associated with the festival is the ticket price; no airfare, hotel, or even a cab.  Plus I get to attend lots of fun events leading up to it (some of which are extremely costly and I cannot afford, such as Euclid Hall’s $99 midnight breakfast). I’m so excited that I started thinking about some of the most delicious brews I tasted last year.

A few of my top ones are:

  • Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter (Willoughby Brewing Co., Ohio)
  • Peanut Butter Cup Stout (Odd Side Ales, Michigan)
  • Peanut Butter Porter (Hamburger Mary’s, Chicago)
  • Lot No. 6 Double IPA (Evolution Craft Brewing Co., Maryland)
  • Bonnie’s Raggedy-Ass Imperial IPA (Big Rock Chop House & Brewery, Michigan)
  • Boxcar Pumpkin Porter (Starr Hill Brewery, Virginia)
  • Whiskey Porter (Blind Tiger Brewery, Kansas)

I got my first taste of  peanut butter beers and was hooked! REALLY hoping to see more of those at this year’s fest.

Looking at my list I notice that I have nothing West of Colorado.  That’s one thing I’m so excited about–getting to taste so many East Coast beers.  We just don’t get many of those out this way, and while I absolutely love so many breweries out West, it’s a nice change to be have access to beers from everywhere for a weekend.

What are some memorable beers you had at GABF 2011?  I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

34 days!  34days!  34 days!  34 days!

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