GABF: Why do you make us wait until the day OF for the beer list?!

Like many people, I’ve been excited about this year’s GABF for months.  I’m a planner.  I like having things to look forward to, and I enjoy doing research about events, places, etc.  I love to plan things out.  I’m doing well on my “breweries I must visit” list, but what’s really killing me is that I don’t know what beers are coming to the festival.  And I won’t know, apparently, until 5:00 next Thursday, when GABF actually begins.  I’m not even going until the Friday evening session, but that means I’ll be spending all of Thursday night completing my beer list.  Some might consider this a waste of time, or that I’m being too anal or nerdy by doing so.  But anyone who’s been to GABF knows it’s best to go in with a plan.  Otherwise one ends up drinking a bunch of “whatever” and miss out on numerous beers they would have genuinely liked to try.

It’s going to be one LONNNNNNNNNG week, waiting on THE LIST.  I’m not good with waiting…who is, really?  But I have no choice.  All I can say is: October 11th, HURRY THE F**K UP!

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  1. Bruce says:

    You can get a small head start if you would like – google magic has helped me find some of the lists, and this website especially has a bunch of brewery lists:

  2. Awesome! Thanks, Bruce!

  3. esheppy says:

    I wonder the same thing every year. I am going Thursday night, so I don’t have the luxury of spending Friday looking through the list.

    That list you mentioned, Bruce, is awesome. Wish I would have realized what was in there earlier.

  4. Each year that I go to GABF I try to pick a theme of beer and stick to that. Sure, I miss out on a lot of other styles, but if I start drinking IPA’s then I can’t taste anything after the 1st hour. Keep the palate killers for late in the session. As for me, I’m looking for the perfect sour, barrel aged brew or dark beer. I think I’ll seek out coffee stouts in particular.

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