Happy Stout Day! Drink These Colorado Stouts

The stout.  My second favorite style of beer.  Happy International Stout Day!

If you’re in Colorado and want to stop by a tap room today, take a look at my list of excellent stouts.  Or if you’re not here but still want to consume one of our state’s tastiest beverages, there are some bottled/canned ones on the list which, depending on where you live, you can easily pick up at your local liquor store.

Brewpub/tap room only stouts:

Bottled/canned stouts:

*I have not yet tried this, as Wild Woods just opened in September.  But it sounds wonderful!

**All of the Yetis are delicious, but my favorite is Espresso Oak Aged Yeti.

There are most likely some other great ones I’ve missed.  If so, let me know!  Cheers!

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  1. Mikeyrb1 says:

    Check out McLuhr’s Irish Stout from the Dillon Dam. Consistent medal winner and a classic dry irish stout. They also age it in Breck Whiskey barrels with various ingredients like vanilla and coffee on occasion!

  2. I have never been to Dillon Dam, though I keep meaning to get there. The aged version sounds amazing! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Sheppy says:

    I agree with Mexican Chocolate Stout. It is wonderful.

    One more stout I really want to try today is Dry Dock’s “Black Seas Spicy Stout” … from their website:

    “Once again, we’ve taken a bunch of tastes and ingredients (seven of them!) that start with the letter “C” and brewed up something uniquely delicious. Chocolate and Coffee flavors dominate the wonderfully roasty malt base. Chinook, Cascade and Columbus hops balance against the strong malt, while adding earthy spice and citrus flavors. Cinnamon and Cayenne, added just at the end of the boil, bring a noticeable warmth to the finish. Enjoy!
    6.3% ABV, 37 IBU”

  4. I haven’t heard of it. Thanks for the info!

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