The Time I Home Brewed: Lesson–Leave the Flakes Out of It

I often get asked if I’ve ever brewed before. I live in a loft with an open floor plan, so I don’t really have the space to brew at home. However, I did attempt to home brew–once.

In December 2011, while visiting a friend in Texas, I had the pleasure of helping an experienced home brewer with a batch of Rye Milk IPA. This individual had asked for my input in advance as far as what type of beer I’d like to brew. And since I love IPAs, we decided to try this, as it seemed unique. The process was fun, and it was a great day.

I asked to be kept in the loop; I wanted updates (e-mails, texts, whatever) on when things were happening–the steps I could not be there to do because I had to get back to Colorado. And then the beer was to be shipped to me once it was ready. I was so excited! I could not wait to taste the first beer I ever brewed!

Months passed without a word. Was the beer done? What the hell was going on with it? I contacted my “friend” multiple times to inquire. What’s that? It’s done? OK…I never received a single update on what all happened after I left that day, which was disappointing, but whatever–the most important thing was that I would finally get to drink that beer. You are sending me the beer, right? OK. Months pass. You’re sending me the beer, right? Remind you on Monday? OK. Monday’s here: beer please? Um, how about if I send you money for shipping? Oh, it’s not the money. OK. Um, how about if I send you a package in return, just to say thanks? Hello???  Where’s my beer???

Like I said, the beer was brewed in December 2011. When I left Austin that day, that was the last I’d ever see of my Rye Milk IPA. And of my “friend.” Bottom line: if you’re going to home brew, leave the flakes out of it.

Here’s me, breaking the yeast packet that day. It’s pretty much all I’ve got.


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  1. Ben says:

    That is a very sad story. If you want to, hit us up at Beer at Home in Englewood. We believe in karma and would love to remedy this. We can show you the ropes, use our equipment, we’ll do all the cellar work. My name is Ben, shoot me an email at Cheers!

  2. Awh, that is awesome Ben! Thanks! Sounds like fun. I just might take you up on that…

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