Good Pours, Post 1: Our Mutual Friend

I find it quite interesting that I normally post great reviews about my experiences at many local breweries, bars, and restaurants that have a good tap list, and none of these get acknowledged. However, on the extremely rare occasions I post something negative, everyone is all over me about it. This is a blog. It’s written by me; I am a human and I have opinions, as we all do. This is where I share those opinions. I almost never see anyone post negative reviews on anything, and I call BS. I think many are too meek to speak out and say what they really think. There are bad beers, bad meals, bad breweries, etc. It’s a fact. Why is it we so rarely hear about the negative?

I posted a “bad pours” article earlier today, featuring Vine Street Pub. I was quick to say it’s one of my favorite places to hang out, drink great beer, and eat some damn tasty food. I also posted two photos of what I–personally–consider to be bad pours and asked your opinion. Many thought the pours were just fine, which is also fine–I was interested in others’ opinions and I got them. Thank you.

So here’s a little positivity for ya: this is what I consider a good pour. It’s a Huckleberry Roasters Coffee Stout at Our Mutual Friend. I did not take this photo for this purpose; it’s just one I happened to have on my phone from a couple months back. I eagerly await the “that’s too full” comments, as I’m sure my idea of a good or bad pour differs from that of others’. In any case, here it is.


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  1. napaofbeer says:

    Head is what is brings the aromas to your nose, and oxygen into the beer to make the flavors more pronounced, if you have none of, like this beer looks, then you are not tasting the beer the brewer intended and the taproom server is doing them an diservice. Unless, however, this beer is a cask ale.

  2. Beertenderbabe says:

    Napaofbeer is right. As a bartender at a local brewery we are taught the art of the pour. Your good pour / bad pour post are based on quantity. If that is the case, you got your 16 oz of liquid. Score!

    If you want to fully enjoy the beer you need AT LEAST a good fingers width of head. Good head shows proper carbonation and releases the aroma. An aggressive pour from a bottle or a properly carbonated beer on tap will release the aroma fully though the beer allowing you to savor every ounce down to that last sip in your glass.

    To me, OMF beer appears to be on the flat side. Then again it could just be the pour. The beers you posted from VS look good. You can see by the lacing on the side of the glass that they did used a clean glass and that it had nice carbonation. You should have taken a few more sips while you still had some frothy head on your beer. To me, it looks like you just let your beer sit for a few minutes to see how much liquid you had in your glass so you could post this article.

    1. I simply based the post off of the kinds of pours I normally get at Vine St. (around 75% of the time) as opposed to these 2. So, based on that logic, I guess Vine St. isn’t pouring properly 75% of the time, as my glass (at their location) is almost always much fuller than the ones in these photos. But I like their beer so I’ll continue to frequent them. I’m no “expert” and have never claimed to be. I simply share my opinion. I’m trying to learn and many people immediately schooled me about this right after I posted.

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