National Beer Bloggers Conference 2013: Day Three

Day Three, Sunday, July 28:

Ray Daniels' keynote speech
Ray Daniels’ keynote speech

The final day was scheduled to end at 12:30, so there was a lot to cover in three hours’ time. First up was the Beer Blogger Reports, where ten bloggers took turns giving 5 minute talks about their blogs, unique ideas, updates on what they are doing, etc. I appreciated the opportunity to learn about other bloggers and their projects. The next session was Standing Out in the Crowd by Blogging Local, which focused on finding one’s niche in the world of blogging. The convention was concluded with the keynote speech by Ray Daniels of the Cicerone Certification Program. He talked about his history in the beer world, how things have changed with the explosion of craft beer, and more. It was an interesting speech and a great way to wrap up the weekend.

I am happy to have attended my first National Beer Bloggers Convention. I got to meet and connect with lots of nice people, try more beers than I can count, and just have a generally fun time with other beer bloggers. While the city hasn’t yet been announced for the 2014 conference, that information should be coming out any day now. So be sure to check the website for updates! And take a look at my Facebook album if you’d like to see more pictures from the conference.

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