Brewed in Brooklyn

I recently learned a lot about the Brooklyn brewing scene–from the early 1800’s up to current day–thanks to the dvd Brewed in Brooklyn.


I must admit I had little knowledge of Brooklyn breweries and just what a thriving scene it once was. This dvd gave me the history lesson I needed as someone who is into craft beer and who always wants to learn more about it and how it has helped shape our country and economy into what it is today. Craft beer enthusiasts can get more information here about the dvd, watch the trailer, and how to purchase a copy.

“Sit back, crack open a cold one and see the history of the one time, and perhaps future beer brewing capital of the world, Brooklyn NY. This documentary explores the origins of the brewing industry in Brooklyn from early 1800s up to and including the modern day craft brewers and home brewers who are helping to transform the borough into one of the most sought after places in the world to live and work. Rare footage, classic commercials and exclusive interviews make this a must see for beer lovers, historians and anyone who has ever called, or wanted to call Brooklyn NY their home.”

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