1400 Miles Arrives in Denver!

1400 Poster Denver

1400 Miles, a documented bike ride from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colo. in 14 days to raise awareness for prostate cancer, will celebrate the journey on Tuesday, Oct. 8 at Denver’s Black Shirt Brewing Company for a night of great food, craft beer, live music and to support the riders and the Pints for Prostates organization. Denver will be the eighth and final event of the trip just in time for the Great American Beer Festival beginning Thursday, Oct. 10th.”

Come celebrate the arrival of the crew from 1400 Miles as their journey comes to an end–tomorrow evening, Tuesday, October 8th from 5-9–at Black Shirt Brewing in Denver. There will be beer from Black Shirt as well as the Beerliner from Texas (if you haven’t seen this thing, you should. It’s a 1974 refurbished bus featuring 4 beer taps, 3 video screens and a commercial kitchen). And two Colorado chefs will be preparing delicious fare in the Beerliner’s kitchen—here’s the info:

Bill Greenwood, Executive Chef at Beano’s Cabin will be preparing:
• BSB Red Ale Glazed Duroc Pork Loin, Mascarpone Grits, Spiced Apples, Maille Mustard Vinaigrette
• Berkshire Jowl Confit, Brown Butter Gnocchi, Reggiano, Plum Preserves, Wild Pennycress

Martin Campos, Head Chef of Comida at The Source, will be preparing:
• Cecina Pork Huaraches with Pickled Rainbow Carrots, Braised Chioggia Beets, Carrot top Pesto

As if all of this isn’t enough to convince you to join the party, keep in mind that you will be helping raise money for Pints for Prostates. Great beer and food always tastes better when it’s for a good cause. Come join the party and support 1400 Miles, Pints for Prostates, and Black Shirt Brewing!

P.S. 1400 Miles, the film, is brought to you by the team behind Crafting A Nation, a feature length documentary about how American craft brewers are building a new economy, one beer at a time. If you’ve seen Crafting a Nation, you know you can get excited about this new project; it is guaranteed to be every bit as interesting and wonderful.

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