Day of the Dead: Mexican Craft Beer at La Biblioteca

Four Day of the Dead beers at La Biblioteca
Day of the Dead beers at La Biblioteca with a Vegetariano Roll & Wok Blistered Shoshitos

I first visited La Biblioteca in November and had some excellent cocktails and food. I recently found out about some new beer they are serving: Day of the Dead Beer. What’s special about this brewery is that it’s the first craft brewery in Mexico. Located in Tecate, Mexico, Day of the Dead Beers offers six different varieties of craft beer.

I was curious, yet perhaps a bit hesitant, about Mexican craft beer. All of the beers I’ve had from Mexico have been weak, watery, and just generally not to my liking. So I was excited to try some other types. La Biblioteca carries DOA IPA (Hop on or Die), Hefeweizen (Immortal Beloved), Blonde Ale (Death Rides a Pale Horse), and Porter (Pay the Ferryman). 

I really enjoyed all four of the beers! While I’m not normally a big fan of Blondes or Hefeweizens, I actually found these to be some of the better ones I’ve had. They were both far more flavorful than many of the others I’ve tried from various breweries. The IPA was good–not as hoppy as most American IPAs, but tasty nonetheless. And the Porter was smoky and smooth. Day of the Dead also brews a Pale and an Amber, though these two weren’t available at La Biblioteca.

If you are at La Biblioteca, or anywhere that serves the Day of the Dead Beers, I strongly suggest trying them out. They definitely beat your typical Mexican beer and, as a side note, they have neat labels. Also they are prefect for helping balance out the heat from the Shoshito Peppers! Salud!

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  1. Lilly Sue says:

    This is good to know! I would definitely be wary of Mexican craft beer as well but this is very cool. I need to get back to La Biblioteca as well! 🙂

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