Get Home Safe With UBER: GABF Code for First-Time Riders

It’s time for the Great American Beer Festival! There’s nothing quite like 4+ hours of sampling dozens (hundreds?) of beers from all over the country. It is such a unique, fun experience. But when it comes time to leave, there is nothing fun about driving under the influence. There are plenty of ways to avoid ending up with a DUI or getting into an accident, so please be sure you have a safe way home after a day or night of imbibing. This year, Uber is offering all first-time customers $25 off their first ride. Just use the code GABF2014 when you sign up here. What a deal! Why not take advantage of this great offer from Uber during this weekend packed full of beer events?! Go out and enjoy all of the festivities, but first: sign up with this special code today to get home safe and sound.

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