Get Psyched for Citradelic

Citradelic IPA. Photo courtesy of New Belgium

I’ve had a lot of IPAs in my life. I love a good hoppy beer. And while many of them are distinctive enough to truly stand out, there are equally as many that are are fairly unremarkable. I am always on the lookout for an IPA with an interesting twist. So when I heard about Citradelic IPA from New Belgium BrewingI was excited to try what I hoped would be a delicious new IPA.

Citradelic is a Tangerine IPA with orange peel and plenty of Citra hops. It is full of citrus flavor throughout, yet still lighter to medium bodied. The tangerine and orange flavors are big, but not overpowering. I’ve had different experiences with fruit beers; some are over-hopped, drowning out the fruit flavor, while others are so fruit-filled that they stifle the hops. I am pleased to report that–to me–Citradelic incorporates the perfect balance of hoppy and fruity. And, unlike some other fruit IPAs I have had, Citradelic is a beer that I can definitely drink 2 or 3 of in one sitting. I really enjoy it and highly recommend giving it a try.

I’m more than happy to be drinking this beer during the winter. But I can definitely see it being great for the summer as well. Crisp, refreshing, fruity but not sweet–this beer will be my warm weather companion in the months to come. I am already hooked on it and look forward to a lasting relationship with Citradelic. Thank you for this wonderful new creation, New Belgium! Cheers!

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