Great Divide Celebrates 22 Years

be1ad82a-6fb3-48a7-90de-13ecfce0a70dOn Saturday, June 11, Great Divide celebrated its 22nd anniversary with an awesome event at the brewery. I’ve been to several Great Divide anniversaries over the years, both at the original Ballpark brewery as well as the new RiNo location. But I have to say this year’s party was the best yet.


Note: please forgive my less than stellar quality photos. I forgot my camera and had to resort to using my phone, which doesn’t produce the best pics. Thanks!

Anyone who has been to an event at the RiNo location in the summer knows there are no trees to provide shade on hot days. So I was thrilled with the options they provided to help beat the heat. For one, they decided to open up a portion of the brewery and had some of the pouring stations inside. They also put up a couple of big tents outside to provide some respite from the sun on that 95 degree afternoon. And finally: beer floats!


There were so many special beers at the party that I don’t even know where to begin. My personal favorite of the day was the Yeti with with Cinnamon, Mexican Cocoa Powder, Chai Spice and Colombian Coffee (which was one of the 4 firkins that were tapped on the hour). I already love Yeti in any form, but this one was phenomenal.

The 22nd Anniversary Dark American Sour was great (as was last year’s sour, which also made an appearance at the event). And both the Barrel Aged Old Ruffian and Port Barrel Aged Old Ruffian were are the top of my list as well.

Great Divide continues to brew creative, innovative beers in addition to the tried & true core beers that have been a staple of beer drinkers for the last 20+ years. And they know how to throw one fantastic party! Congratulations on 22 years, Great Divide!

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