The First Two (of Six) Beers from Odell’s Cellar Series Are Here!

Photo courtesy of Odell Brewing

I love special releases! Especially from my favorite breweries.

In March, Odell released the first two of its six 2017 Cellar Series releases, each available for a limited time. Here is all the information you need:

WHO: Odell Brewing
WHAT: Barrel Aged Mountain Standard Double Black IPA (10.6% ABV), the first of six beers in Odell’s 2017 Cellar Series releases
WHEN: Released March 20, 2017
WHERE: Available in very limited quantities as a single 12oz bottle across Odell’s 14-state distribution footprint
ABOUT: In the fall of 2015 Odell took a small batch of their most popular seasonal releases, Mountain Standard Double Black IPA, and locked it away in their cellar. This Mountain Standard has been aging in bourbon barrels for over a year and has now been released as the first batch of Barrel Aged Mountain Standard Double Black IPA.
“Barrels and time can yield some amazing changes to the character of a bold beer like Mountain Standard,” explains Head Brewer, Bill Beymer. “The oak has definitely performed some magic here. The assertive hop bitterness has made way for incredible flavors of sweet chocolate, dried figs, toffee, vanilla and caramel.”
MY THOUGHTS: Being barrel aged, this isn’t your typical IPA. The bourbon and oak notes temper the hoppiness found in the traditional version of Mountain Standard. I thought it was almost a bit more like a full-bodied porter than an IPA. Either way, if you can find this beer, be sure to grab one.
Cutest thing ever! (Photo courtesy of Odell Brewing)
WHO: Odell Brewing
WHAT: Flemish Giant (6.5% ABV), the second of six beers in Odell’s 2017 Cellar Series releases
WHEN: Released March 27, 2017
WHERE: Available for a limited time in 750ml bottles across Odell’s 14-state distribution footprint
ABOUT: Flemish Giant is a new 750ml single run barrel aged Flanders-Style Sour Red Ale. This beer begins with notes of tart ruby red grapefruit and cherry, finishing with sweet raisin and fig.
“At Odell Brewing, we often brew hop forward styles and this beer presented an opportunity to explore a malt forward profile that let the oak barrels take center stage,” said COO, Brendan McGivney. He added, “Blending is an important part of our process and we used about 60 different barrels to bring this beer together. Woodcut toasted oak barrels, Bourbon barrels, rum barrels, and chardonnay barrels all contribute different layers and depth to the final beer.”
The name Flemish Giant pays tribute to a curious breed of rabbit which can grow up to 20 lbs. Native to Belgium, the birthplace of the Flanders-Style Sour Red Ale, the Flemish Giant dates back to the 16th century.
MY THOUGHTS: This Flanders-Style Red is less sweet than many beers of this style which, in my opinion, makes it easier to drink. It has a fairly dry finish and is tart yet not markedly sour. It’s an overall quality Flanders Red, and I definitely recommend it.  Plus it gets bonus points from me for the rabbit reference!

Stay tuned for more of Odell’s Cellar Series Releases in the coming months!

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