Japanese Craft Beers from Coedo Brewery at Ace Eat Serve

Kabocha Khao Soi: Thai Yellow Coconut Curry, Egg Noodles, Kabocha Pumpkin Basil, Pickled Chilies, with a Coedo Sweet Potato Amber

Beers from Coedo Brewery have arrived in Denver! And you can get them at Ace Eat Serve, where you’ll also find a variety of unique dishes to pair with each of the new Coedo beers. I stopped in last week to sample all four of the beers from Coedo, a Japanese craft brewery (located in Saitama, Japan), and I was impressed. The beers are: Ruri PilsnerShiro HefeweizenBeniaka Sweet Potato Amber, and Shikkoku Black Lager, all of which are tasty and very well done. Coedo brought in brewers from Germany to coach them in the brewing process in order to perfect the craft, and the outcome couldn’t be better.

Coedo Ruri Pilsner. Nice, clean finish.

The story behind the Sweet Potato Amber is pretty cool: the recipe was basically invented as a way to prevent food waste. There are lots of fresh markets in Japan, where consumers are on the hunt for the best possible produce. Unfortunately, many good items are discarded on a daily basis due to being picked over in favor of the nicest looking fruits and vegetables. Sweet potatoes in particular were being tossed out at an alarming rate, so Coedo has chosen to collect “unsightly” sweet potatoes and use them in the brewing of its amber beer.

Shanghai Pork Belly Bun: Braised Pork Belly, Hong Shao Glaze, Crispy Shallots, with a Coedo Shiro Hefeweizen

The beer program at Ace is one of a kind in that it offers such a wide range of beers. I like going to Ace for interesting new beers as well as my standard favorites. During my last visit I noticed beers from from Japan, China, Thailand, and Singapore on the menu. And of course many craft beers from Colorado breweries such as Ratio, Odell, Left Hand, Avery, Funkwerks, Trve, Great Divide, and more.

In addition to the great variety of beer, as far as food goes Ace also has lots of vegetarian options—just another reason it’s so awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed the Jade Stir-Fry and Kabocha Khao Soi (curry). My guest also loved the Shanghai Pork Belly Bun. The staff recommended specific Coedo beers to pair with all of the dishes, and they were spot on.

Jade Stir-Fry: Seasonal Greens, Lotus Root, Garlic, with a Coedo Shiro Hefeweizen

There is so much going on at Ace Eat Serve! Go for the expansive beer menu and innovative dishes, stay for some Ping Pong! And the happy hour is fantastic: from open until 6 pm daily you’ll get deals on beer, wine, cocktails, and small plates. And you can’t beat the Lucky 11—choose from six types of Ramen and a drink for just $11! Just some of the many reasons I’m a fan of Ace Eat Serve.

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