Bell’s Comes to Colorado

Over the last several weeks you may have noticed beer from Bell’s Brewery all across Colorado. Was it a limited drop around the time of GABF that still hasn’t sold out? Nope! I am excited to say that as of September, Bell’s started distributing in Colorado year-round! That makes 40 states where Bell’s distributes, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico. I’m glad you finally made it here, Bell’s Brewing!

Bell’s entire portfolio is now available here, including seasonals. Check out the availability calendar to stay up-to-date with the latest releases. You know you’ll want to snatch up some of that Hop Slam as soon as it hits the shelves! But that’s still a few months out. Currently available is Best Brown, an American Brown Ale that is perfect for autumn. And just look at that label! I already enjoy the beer itself, but as an owl-lover this artwork makes me incredibly happy.

I’ve definitely seen a great deal of Bell’s beers lately, both on tap and in liquor stores. One of my personal favorites, Two Hearted Ale, is abundant in the area. I’ve also noticed Amber Ale, Lager of the Lakes, and Kalamazoo Stout at some of my local watering holes. Use Bell’s Beer Finder to see what’s on tap and in stores near you. You can search by individual beer, as well as find beer at retail locations and on tap.

Bell’s is an excellent addition to the craft beer scene in Colorado, an opinion which is widely shared among craft beer drinkers in this state. Thanks for coming to Colorado; we are so glad you’re here!

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