Beer Lovers’ Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Candy and flowers are nice, but why go with the predictable when you can give your Valentine something they’ll really appreciate? Think outside the box with these gift ideas that are bound to put a smile on the face of that special beer lover in your life.


Colorado Beer Girl

Groovy Guy Gifts

Groovy Guy Gifts offers personalized gifts for the special guy or lady in your life. There are lots of fun products available, specifically in the Bar & Drinking Gifts section. Like the Hops Quartet (pictured above): a four glass set featuring a 20oz. Curved Pilsner, 16oz. Can Beer Glass, 16.5oz. Stemmed Pilsner, and 16oz. Classic Pilsner glass.

Colorado Beer Girl

Palm Partner: Not your average koozie, that Palm Partner is made with double-wall insulation and steel construction to keep your beer cold to the last sip.

Colorado Beer Girl

Rumble TumblerThe Rumbling Tumbler is 30 oz. and double wall insulated. It has an awesome sealed lid to prevent spills and vacuum insulation to keep preserve temperature for hours. ***Personal note: I have this item, and I love it! Very durable tumbler, excellent quality all around.***


Colorado Beer Girl

The Rare Beer Club

The World’s Best Hand-Selected Rare Beers

Never Receive a Beer You Don’t Want to Get! Our Personalized Shipment Program ensures that as a personal member of The Rare Beer Club® you’ll receive only the beers you want to get. (Also available to gift recipients upon request.) Each month prior to receiving your shipment, you will be sent an email detailing the two upcoming beer selections and given the ability to customize what you will receive. You can:

  • Add more bottles of either or both of the upcoming featured beers
  • Add more of your favorite past selections
  • Replace one or both of the featured beers with your favorite past selections
  • Choose not to receive one of the featured beers
  • Skip the entire shipment altogether

You’re in complete control of what you receive every month and can rest easy knowing you’ll never get a beer you didn’t want to get. No other beer club offers that kind of flexibility.

Enjoy Unmatched Variety: Members receive two different styles in each shipment. We strive to offer variety between those two styles as well as from month to month. Variety to us means not only by style but also by country of origin, so rest assured that both domestic US craft brewers as well as time-honored international breweries will be represented.

Colorado Beer Girl

Beer Greetings 

Put together a Build-Your-Own 6-pack using this festive carrier with included greeting card.

  • Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him or Her – Six-pack box + greeting card in one!
  • “Heart You” design – Great for Valentine’s Day
  • Love cards – Write a special note on the inside of the card (BEER NOT INCLUDED)

Colorado Beer Girl

Beer Pen

Drawing inspiration straight from the tap, Merrie Buchsbaum‘s lager-hued pen is handmade with resin tinted and textured with hand-ground, locally grown hops. Whether you use it to pour over your daily to-dos or pen a novel, this heady tool makes a buzz-worthy gift for the beer connoisseur. Each one-of-a-kind pen is housed in a handsome maple wood gift box. Handmade in Connecticut.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.

Colorado Beer Girl


Beer has a wide range of Valentine’s Day-themed beer gift baskets, like the Beer My Valentine set (pictured above). Each beer in the box was selected because it fits the Valentine’s theme perfectly, and some of the best breweries are represented as a result. Whether you’re searching for an alternative to the typical box of roses or you want something fresh to combine with those roses, your sweetie will appreciate a durable box loaded with sweet treats and intense flavor. This Valentine’s Day beer gift box delivers just that by combining the following items:

  • 3 Assorted Iced Valentine’s Day Cookies
  • Bottle of Pete’s Wicked Ale
  • Bottle of Fort Collins Brewery Retro Red
  • Bottle of Tecate Beer
  • Bottle of Red Stripe Jamaican lager
  • Bottle of Stone Pale Ale
  • Bottle of Pin Stripe Red Ale

Colorado Beer Girl

Hopped Up Coffee

You may have had the brilliant idea to combine your two favorite drinks: coffee and beer. But unlike Sean Godbey, you probably don’t have your own spice and coffee shop to test the theory. Innovative brewmasters craft stouts, porters, and IPAs with coffee infusions, but never the other way around. So, Sean blended favorite beer ingredients like barley and hops with coffee grounds and the rest is history. Brew a cup of this unique combination to satisfy your curious, craft-loving tastebuds. Handcrafted in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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