Great Divide Beer and Chocolate Pairing at Star Bar

I’ve attended many Beer and Cheese Pairings at Great Divide over the last couple of years, and they’ve always been wonderful. So when I heard about a beer and chocolate pairing featuring Great Divide beers at Star Bar December 15th, I couldn’t wait to go. $20 per person–great deal!

My favorite kinds of beer are IPAs, stouts, and porters. I was pleased to see 3 of the 6 beers were IPAs or stouts! The pairings were as follows:

  • Oak Aged Yeti with Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Sea Salt bars
  • Hoss Rye Lager with Dark Chocolate Ginger nibs
  • Hibernation with Milk Chocolate Maple squares
  • Hercules Imperial IPA with Orange Chocolate bars
  • Grand Cru with Milk Chocolate Amaretto Cappuccino nibs
  • Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti with Dark Chocolate Cayenne Pepper savories

Everything was amazing! The only chocolate I did not care for was the orange—-ew. But the rest were great and seemed to be paired quite well with their respective beers.  I was pleased with the entire experience. I hope there will be another beer and chocolate pairing in the near future!

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