Favorite Colorado beers of 2011

2011 was an exciting year for beer in Denver! We were fortunate enough to see the opening of two new–EXCELLENT–breweries: Denver Beer Company and Renegade Brewing. These are now two of my favorite places to drink in this great city. Both serve up some delicious brews. Or, to use Renegade’s own motto: “Offensively Delicious.” 🙂

Reflecting back on the numerous new beers I tried, here are some of my favorite Colorado beers from 2011. (I’m only including beers that were new in 2011 or that I hadn’t tried until 2011).

  • Graham Cracker Porter (Denver Beer Co.)
  • Hey Pumpkin! Porter (Denver Beer Co.)
  • Paris Coffee Stout (Denver Beer Co.)
  • Imperial Peanut Butter Cup Stout (Renegade)
  • Elevation Triple IPA (Renegade)
  • Ryeteous Rye IPA (Renegade)
  • Kim Jong Ale: milk stout with cherry and vanilla (Wynkoop)
  • Mountain Standard Double Black IPA (ODell)
  • Bourbon Barrel Stout (ODell)
  • The Toasters Shebeen Black IPA (Ska)
  • Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter (Ska)
  • Blueberry Porter (Rock Bottom)
  • Nitro Milk Stout (Left Hand)

I guess that’s a pretty good start. I’ll probably add more as I remember them.

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