Copper Kettle Brewing

I have no idea why it took me so long to find out about Copper Kettle Brewing, which opened in April 2011 (at 1338 S. Valentina St., Unit 100, Denver).  I’m pretty sure I heard of them months ago, and most likely what happened is that I mapped it and when it appeared to be just out of Denver city limits, I put it out of my mind as I usually stick to the central Denver area when it comes to drinking.  But I recently came across their name again and decided to check it out.  When I pulled up their site and saw 2 IPAs, a porter, and a stout on tap–I was determined to go.  IPAs are my absolute favorite, with stouts and porters right behind them. 

Copper Kettle isn’t necessarily easy to find.  It’s in somewhat of an odd area in my opinion, and it’s not visible from the major roads it’s just off of (S. Parker Road & E. Mississippi).  By the time I found the place, I was ready for a beer!  I was in the mood for hops, so I started with the Black IPA.  It was a bit smoky and, as in its description, is brewed with dry-hopped Golding Hops “to add a gentle British character.”  I could definitely tell it was an English-style; it left a pleasant, dry sort of coating in my mouth after each drink.  But I needed something hoppier.  I then went with the Better Half IPA, which is brewed with 7 different styles of hops: Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Saaz, and Simcoe.  At first sniff I thought I was smelling a Modus Hoperandi (Ska Brewing).  And, at first taste, it reminded me greatly of it, though with even more hops.  In fact, Modus is brewed with 3 of the 7 hops used in Better Half IPA (Cascade, Centennial, and Columbus).  As Modus is one of my favorites, I was instantly impressed and in love with Better Half.  I’d even go so far as to say it’s one of the best IPAs I’ve ever had.  Delicious!

Copper Kettle’s Tap Room was a little different than I expected.  It’s obvious it’s a new place, and it’s quite nice inside.  The one thing that surprised me were the tvs.  On the particular day I was there, a Broncos game was on.  So, not being a sports fan, my tap room experience was fairly annoying.  I don’t go to breweries to watch tv; I go to imbibe and engage in conversation.  I found it somewhat difficult to concentrate on and even hear the words coming out of my companion’s mouth, what with all the hooting, hollering, and “OHHHH!”s of the game-watchers who filled the place.  However, I couldn’t complain once I was told all beers were $1 off due to the game.  But I would have stayed longer had it been a more pleasant environment for me.  Oh well.  Next time before I go I’ll check the sporting schedule, or whatever that stuff is called.         

I’m happy I finally checked out the tap room and a couple of their beers.  Next on my list: their Smoked Porter and Mexican Chocolate Stout.    

1338 S. Valentia Street, Unit 100
Denver, CO 80247

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  1. Dave Stokley says:

    Sounds like an interesting place…worth checking out if I only have a weekend in Denver though?

    1. I would have to say yes. The beer is just that good. If you have limited time, stop in for a quick one or try a sampler. It’s worth the extra drive time of 20 minutes or so.

  2. james says:

    The Mexican Chocolate Stout is one for the ages — by far my favorite of their beers.

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