Gearing up for Stout Month 2012

Ever since I moved to Colorado 13 years ago, I have looked forward to the month of February. As a person who doesn’t participate in winter sports, February isn’t something to get excited about. It’s cold. And while I’ll probably see a handful of nice days, I know I have to wait about 3 months until it starts getting warm enough to put on a dress & a pair of cute sandals and walk a mile or 2 to a couple of breweries downtown on any given weekend. That said, why do I continue to count down the days until February? Two words: STOUT MONTH (at Vine Street Pub, originally started at Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery in Boulder).

Stout month features a wide variety of stouts on a rotating basis, both Mountain Sun brews and guest beers as well. During a recent visit to Vine Street Pub, I inquired as to whether or not they will be repeating the deliciousness they introduced in February 2011–a shot of vanilla vodka added to any stout on tap. To my delight, I was told YES! Last February I had the pleasure of adding vanilla vodka to their Dark Harvest Pumpkin Stout, Girl Scout Stout (mint-chocolate cookie), and Coconut Cream Stout. All three of those beers are outstanding on their own. But add a shot of vanilla vodka…wow. I’ve been waiting to drink more of those for over 11 months now! So I couldn’t have been more pleased to find out I could add a shot of vanilla vodka to Left Hand’s Nitro Milk Stout, which is currently on Vine Street’s tap wall. I developed a love of Nitro Milk Stout within the past 3 months when it was finally released in bottles, and just like the stouts brewed by Mountain/Southern Sun (Vine Street), the vodka turns it into something phenomenal. Smooth, creamy, and wonderful.

I hope the next 24 days fly by, because this girl is ready for STOUT MONTH!!!

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