State Beer Challenge: Not good for the forgetful drinker

I went into the State Beer Challenge on June 1st with the best intentions to drink only Colorado beers for the whole month.  However, unfortunately for me, I have a bad memory.  So I blew it on day one…less than 24 hours after I started.  It was an honest mistake, and I’ve been doing really well since then.  I beg your forgiveness!

Here’s a rundown of all the tasty Colorado beers I’ve had during the first week of the challenge:

Day 1:  Odell Ranger IPA, Ska Modus Hoperandi IPA, Great Divide Titan IPA, Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA from California–OOPS!, Breckenridge Brewery Avalanche Ale

Day 2:  all 3 of the above IPAs, Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery FYIPA, Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s IPA

Day 3:  Odell Ranger IPA, Ska Modus Hoperandi IPA, Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout, Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s IPA

Day 4:  Avery Maharaja, Ska Modus Hoperandi, Great Divide Rumble Oak Aged IPA (it’s BACK for the summer–yay!)

Day 5:  Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery FYIPA

Day 6:  Dry Dock Double IPA, Bristol Nitro 1Up IPA, Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s IPA, Odell Ranger IPA

Day 7:  Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery FYIPA, Ft. Collins Brewery Rocky Mountain IPA

As much as I love many of the great beers brewed in the state of Colorado, doing this for the rest of the month is going to be somewhat tough.  I hope it’s not cheating to sip off of others’ beers, as there are some new and exciting things I can’t resist drinking…like Firestone Walker Wookey Jack Black Rye IPA.  I will do my best, but if something rare comes along I just might have to imbibe.  If nothing else, June just might have to be 95% Colorado beers, as a beer lover like me can’t really be expected to pass up the occasional special brew.

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