State Beer Challenge: I’m out!

I started off the State Beer Challenge by failing on day one: an error on my part, as I forgot since I was still within the first 24 hours.  But I did well for the next 10 days or so.  However, I am officially OUT.  There are two contributing factors here:  I’m lazy and didn’t want to make a liquor store run and all I had were non-Colorado beers in the fridge, and also because I just love Santa Fe Brewing‘s Happy Camper IPA.  

Oh, and some Jester King and Saint Arnold bombers just found their way to me all the way from Texas–who can wait until July to try them?!

I failed challenges before, and I will fail again.  But I’m not gonna worry about this one.  I estimate that around 90% of the beers I drink in any given month are Colorado brews, so I am a huge supporter of my state’s craft breweries as it is.  

Sorry to disappoint.  I’m a girl who knows what I want, and I wanted a non-Colorado beer!

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