Great American Beer Festival 2012: Highlights

Thanks to some of my wonderful followers I was able to get a lot of superb suggestions on breweries to visit during GABF.  Specifically I needed help with those East of the Mississippi River, as many of them don’t make their way out to Colorado.  If you told me to go see a brewery at the festival, I probably did; I got to most of them but I’m sure I missed a few.  If you don’t see that brewery on my list, it just means it wasn’t one of my overall favorites.  But that’s o.k.; I appreciate every bit of the input and had a fantastic time sampling them all.  Below are some of the most memorable brews I tasted.

Midwest Region



Pacific Northwest



I am doing one more post about GABF, focusing on a few of the absolute best ones I tried. All of the above were wonderful brews, but I’d like to specifically point out a few more beers/breweries that I feel deserve special attention.

I had such a great time at GABF. Thanks for all your suggestions, and thanks for reading!

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