My Favorite Colorado Beers of 2012

I drank more great beers in the past year than I can even begin to remember. So, looking back on 2012, I’ve decided to make a list of my favorite Colorado beers I had throughout the year. Some are not new, but have been around for a while, whereas others were just released in 2012. But here are the best Colorado-brewed beers I drank last year, in no particular order.

These last 2 are new, as these breweries just opened in 2012:

I also got to try a very special version of Oskar Blues’ G’Knight aged in Leopold Bros. New York Apple Whiskey Barrels, in May at Star Bar‘s Wood & Barrel Aged Beer Party.

I can’t imagine what my 2013 list is going to look like this time next year, with all the new breweries set to open within the year. But I can tell you I am extremely excited about it!


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  1. Justinian says:

    Nice list! I need to try some of these.

    I take it you like Stouts and IPAs 🙂

    1. Yep! IPAs are my favorite with stouts coming in second.

  2. Will says:

    Good picks, I’ve had maybe half of them, and agree about Slap Your Mammy; Trinity is one of our favorite breweries in Colorado. We were impressed by Our Mutual Friend when we stopped in on their opening day, have to get back there, and just down the road to Black Shirt as well!

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