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Happy Anniversary, Colorado Beer Girl!

A personal note regarding the one year anniversary of my blog

I just realized I started this blog exactly one year ago this month, my first post being January 5th, 2012. It is something I do for fun; I enjoy writing, and I started my blog as an outlet, as I always seem to find myself talking to others about beer. I’m not a hardcore blogger like some of the other beer blogs I’ve seen: I don’t have a personal quota to fulfill; I think that some feel the need to post every single day simply for the sake of posting something, even if it’s not very substantial or purposeful. I like to write about beer things (whether it’s a review of a beer, an experience at a brewery or beer event, etc.) that are meaningful to me. And I realize that it may not be what certain people are looking for in a beer blog. But like I said, I am doing this for fun and personal fulfillment. I do not constantly re-post news from breweries or other blogs; in this age of social media I’m pretty sure everyone already follows those in which they are interested, and who needs to read the same article or announcement multiple times a day?? That said, I have 273 followers to date (combined between here, Facebook, and Twitter). When I began I didn’t necessarily expect anyone to be interested, except perhaps those closest to me. So I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of my followers. I am honored to have you as supporters, readers, and beer-loving friends. And I will continue to give my all to making Colorado Beer Girl the very best it can be.




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One thought on “Happy Anniversary, Colorado Beer Girl!

  1. Happy Birthday.

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