BSB Now Playing

I just love Black Shirt Brewing–the place, the beer, the people. It’s a great local brewery and tap room that supports other local businesses: they have food trucks outside, they collaborate with companies such as Ritual Chocolate, for example, for delicious beer and food pairings. And they are also very supportive of local musicians as well. Check out the link to BSB NOW PLAYING:

“a private, intimate, live concert series set here at Black Shirt Brewing Co in the heart of the brewery. We are teaming up with our friends AVAVision Media and talented local musicians to play acoustic and/or stripped down 3-5 song sets. AVAVision Media is recording the audio and video of these sets and then we will be releasing them to the public in an effort to draw more attention to the talent and passion that courses through the City of Denver.”


Be sure to follow Black Shirt’s Facebook page and Twitter feed for all the latest updates!


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  1. Awe! We love you too! Thanks for spreading the word.

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