Former Future Finds a Home!

The Mariner Salted Porter
The Mariner Salted Porter

Very exciting brewery news today:

Former Future Brewing Company found a home at 1290 South Broadway!

I, along with countless others, have been awaiting this announcement for months. I first had the pleasure of trying some of their beers at an event in April (click here for that blog post), and I’ve been longing for more. All were delicious, but the most unique, memorable one to me is The Mariner, their salted porter. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait to start drinking it regularly! I just have to hang in there a bit longer; Former Future plans to open by October–just a few short months away.

I am thrilled to hear this news today! I am so happy for founders James & Sarah Howat and wish them all the best in getting Former Future Brewing Company up and running. Be sure to like their Facebook page and follow their Twitter feed for all the updates.

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