Seeing as how IPA is my personal favorite style of beer, every day is “IPA Day” to me. However, I am excited that tomorrow, August 1st, is the official IPA Day! When I first started drinking craft beer, I was a strictly dark beer fan: my first loves were porters…then stouts…and, eventually–after sampling many of them–IPAs. It took a while for IPAs to grow on me though; they are bitter, for sure. But I ended up developing such a love of them, which I can’t say for every beer style (though I’ve tried dozens of Belgians, they still aren’t for me and quite possibly never will be; it’s similar to tomatoes…as much as I want to like them, my taste buds simply can’t comply with what my brain desires).

Are you going to have an IPA tomorrow? If so, what will you be drinking??? Here’s a picture of my beloved Harriette, age 17. She’s seen me through many a beer style over the years. And, since she’s so fond of her surrogate “mom,” she too loves IPAs. Her favorite IPA is Ska‘s Modus Hoperandi, just like me. Leave your comment to let us know YOUR favorite IPA.

Harriette finished her Modus & is waiting for me to take her empty. 

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  1. chill07 says:

    Enjoyed a Great Divide Titan IPA for IPA Day Eve. Having dinner at Rock Bottom tomorrow night I believe, so I will see what they might have on tap besides their standard.
    And a Happy IPA Day to you CBG!

  2. Will says:

    Since you’re right behind me in Modus check ins on Untappd, I think you know what my favorite IPA is 😉

    But for today, I think I’ll be having one of Great Divide’s delicious IPAs in their taproom.

  3. Ska Brewing says:

    Harriette is our favorite cat!

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