Fall Beers: Pumpkick by New Belgium

I love fall seasonals. Especially pumpkin beers. I’m really looking forward to trying New Belgium‘s Pumpkick Ale. Pumpkick Combines Traditional Spices with Cranberries and Lemongrass–sounds delicious, right?

Pumpkick_Bottle 3
Pumpkick is 6% ABV, 18 IBUs

“Tis the season for baked goods, so why fight it, just pair it,” said New Belgium’s Master Blender and Sensory Specialist, Lauren Salazar. “The cranberries absolutely make a difference in this beer and is another great example of how we’ve used our Belgian roots to give a traditional style a different dimension.”

Check out your local liquor store to see if Pumpkick is available in your area!

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