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Redstone Meadery Now Canning!

As a beer lover and wine drinker, sometimes what really hits the spot is a nice glass of mead. It is with great enthusiasm that I pass along the wonderful news that Boulder’s Redstone Meadery has announced the availability of its mead in cans. Three flavors–Black Raspberry Nectar, the apricot-flavored Sunshine Nectar, and Nectar of the Hops–will be available nationally in 500ml cans. Two other flavors in the Nectar line, Boysenberry Nectar and Mango Nectar, are available in 750ml bottles in Colorado as a limited release. All have an alcohol content of 8% by volume.

A can of Nectar of the Hops, from Redstone Meadery's website

A can of Nectar of the Hops, from Redstone Meadery’s website

Be sure to check out Redstone’s web page for ordering information as well as the latest news on canning and all their other happenings. Thanks for supporting another one of our great local Colorado businesses!


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