Former Future Brewing Company Kickstarter: Only 16 days to go!


Though it’s not yet open, I already love Former Future Brewing Company. Great beer, great people, exciting new Denver brewery! But, as we all know…these things need funding. Former Future has obviously put a LOT of thought into its rewards, offering many unique experiences (in addition of course to standards such t-shirts, hats, etc.). Some examples of the neat experiences you can have include: a brewery tour, a class on brewing with spices, a baking with beer class, a picnic, a course on yeast and brewing bacteria, a home brewing course…and really special stuff like red carpet VIP treatment, your own seat at the bar (complete with custom plaque), and much more.

I have tried several of their beers and highly recommend them. I know the taproom is going to be amazing, and I look forward to their opening. So I encourage you to please look at their Kickstarter campaign and consider giving what you can to help them out. I made my pledge…it took a few days to decide what I wanted as a reward, as there were so many interesting options. Have fun choosing your reward! And thank you very much!

P.S. There are but 16 days to go in this Kickstarter campaign, so time is of the essence. Thanks, friends.

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