Omission IPA: Gluten-Free Goodness


At long last: a gluten-free IPA that tastes good!

More and more beer lovers are gluten sensitive these days and, fortunately, many breweries are offering a beer or two for their gluten-free audience. Well, here is another: Omission IPA by Widmer Brothers Brewing.

Omission is the first IPA of its kind to be made with traditional ingredients, then crafted to remove gluten. Best summed up by Terry Michaelson, CEO of Craft Brew Alliance, and longtime celiac: “It’s the best of innovation and tradition; we take out the gluten, but leave in the real IPA taste.” This is true–I’ve had Omission, and I approve.

Omission is currently available in Oregon, New York, California, Washington, and Maryland. Live in a city outside those areas? Well, you can still find it if you are near: Boise, Phoenix, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Denver, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Boston, & Philadelphia.

What a treat to find a bottled IPA in my local liquor store that is gluten-free. I am excited to pass this information along to anyone who enjoys IPAs but who cannot have gluten. This is the beer for you! I hope you can try Omission soon; as an IPA lover, I know you will be pleased.

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