Best in Show: The Standouts of GABF 2013


This year I entered the hall of the Great American Beer Festival at approximately 5:45, ready to try as many of the beers/breweries on my list as I possibly could before 10 p.m. It’s always a fun challenge, and I did stop by a majority of the booths I’d hoped to. However, four hours just isn’t enough time to taste the hundreds of beers I wish I could. I tried my best, and I had a lot of great stuff. So, of all the beers I tasted that evening, here are some of the ones that really stuck out to me:

I truly enjoyed the opportunity to try dozens of beers that I’m unable to obtain in Colorado. Though sometimes it’s a bit difficult when I find something I love and know I can’t get my hands on it! But I’m grateful for all of the wonderful experiences I had at GABF, yet again. And I’m already looking forward to next October.

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    And here are my choices for Best in Show from GABF 2013

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