Colorado Beer Girl’s Exclusive Interview with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing

A look back at last year’s Great American Beer Festival when I got to sit down, have a beer, and talk to Greg Koch from Stone Brewing. A great guy, an excellent brewery, a wonderful time!

Colorado Beer Girl

Every year, the week of Great American Beer Festival means a plethora of exciting beer events in Denver. And along with those events come all sorts of visitors: festival attendees, brewers, speakers, beer reps, and more. Thursday night I had the amazing opportunity to meet and talk to the CEO and co-founder of one of the best craft breweries in the country, Stone Brewing Co.‘s Greg Koch. I met up with Greg downtown where we chatted over a beer. Read on for my exclusive interview.


CBG: I’m not going to ask about how Stone got started as that question comes up in almost every interview with you, so anyone who likes Stone has probably heard the answer many times. One thing I’m particularly interested in are the collaborations you’ve been doing the past five years. Do you seek out other brewers to work with, or do they come to you?


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