The Beer Relay at Burning Can: Sign Up Now With $10 Discount!

Sign up with code BEERGIRL for $10 off!

Like running? Enjoy drinking beer? How about combining the two?! The Beer Relay allows participants to do just that. Join the fun on Saturday, May 30th in Lyons. The Beer Relay is the first ever endurance trail running and beer drinking race. It is held in conjunction with Oskar Blues Burning Can Festival and the Town of Lyons Outdoor Games. Teams run a 5km trail course, relay-style, for up to six hours. Each runner can down a 12-ounce Oskar Blues beer before his or her lap for a two-minute deduction taken from the lap time. The team that completes the most laps in six hours wins!
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Sound like fun? Here are the details:

Duo Male
Duo Female
Duo Coed
Team (3 or more)

Fees and what you get:
All runners receive a custom BUFF headband/sun shield, a beer before each lap (for those that are 21+), free photos, live music at the after party, chip-timing, race nutrition, hydration, and seriously…the best 6 hours of your year!

$65 / person until 5/29/15
$70 / person race day
$200 / 4-Pack Team (Your best deal)
***Use code BEERGIRL for $10 OFF your registration fee***

Prizes = BEER!
Top 3 in each category win 1 to 4 cases of Oskar Blues beer!

8 am – Registration opens
10 am – The Beer Relay Start!
4 pm – All laps must be complete and runners in
4:30 pm – The Beer Relay awards (on the main music stage)

Run as many laps as possible within 6 hours.
The team with the most laps in 6 hrs. wins.
Only 1 runner from a team is allowed on course at one time.
At the beginning of each lap, you will have the option to drink a 12 ounce beer for a 2:00 minute deduction off your lap time.
Timing will be fully automated with each team member equipped with an RFID chip.
Each division will have a specific colored Snap bracelet. Each team will have one bracelet that will be transferred from the finishing lap runner to the next runner ONLY in the “Runner on Tap” beer drinking area.
Beer can must be proven to be empty before starting lap.
The BEER RELAY staff has the authority to run a sobriety/balance check on any participant if there is reason to believe the participant could cause harm to themselves from over-intoxication.

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