Arctican: Best Invention Ever!

The Arctican. You need this.
The Arctican. You need this.

I like to drink beer, and I like my beer to stay cold while I drink it. I’ve tried countless koozies over the years and, while many are fun to look at and may absorb the sweat in the summer heat, none of them do a great job of actually keeping beer cold. Until now. Introducing the Arctican. I’ve only had mine for about a week, but I am beyond impressed with it and want to spread the word.

unnamed (1)

The Arctican is advertised as being able to keep drinks cold for up to 3 hours. I admit I was skeptical at first, but after I put it to the test I am pleased to say that statement is 100% true. How does it work? Simply remove the bottom of the Arctican and toss it in your freezer. Once frozen, twist it back on, put in your beer can, and drink up!

Arctican by Corkcicle is available online for $19.95, which is an awesome deal considering it is built to last and will keep your beers cold for years to come. I’ve tried it, it works, and I love it. It’s an excellent product for beer lovers and makes a great gift too!

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