Must-Try New Beer: Whiskey Barrel Aged Lugene from Odell

Photo courtesy of Odell Brewing

Barrel Aged Lugene is here! Catch it while you can! 

WHOOdell Brewing Co.

WHATWhiskey Barrel Aged Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout

WHEN & WHERE: Available now in very limited quantities as a single 12oz bottle across Odell’s 15-state distribution footprint. (Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona, Illinois and Iowa). This will be the last offering the 750ml bottles as Odell shifts its Cellar Series into 12oz bottles.

ABOUT: A bit of info from Odell:

Whiskey Barrel Aged Lugene was named after a local Fort Collins dairy farmer, who for the past 23 years, has been hauling away Odell Brewing’s spent grain and feeding it to his dairy cows. As an independent dairy farmer, Lugene Saas of Taft Hill Dairy, has been selling his unpasteurized milk directly to the Fort Collins community for decades.

“Since the last run of Lugene, we’ve gotten a ton of emails and phone calls asking when we’d be brewing it again,” explains Director of Marketing, Alex Kayne. “When that time finally came, we knew we had to do something special. Our friends at Woody Creek Distillers were able to give us some really fresh rye whiskey barrels which add a whole new layer of complexity to the beer. ”

Whiskey Barrel Aged Lugene is an imperial stout brewed with dark chocolate and lactose, then aged for six months in rye whiskey barrels, resulting in a rich, chewy stout with hints of molasses, vanilla, and oak.

MY THOUGHTSI always loved Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout, which used to be one of Odell’s seasonals. Sadly, Lugene has since been retired. But for a limited time it’s back, and even better!

When I first heard about Whiskey Barrel Aged Lugene (10.5% ABV), I was a little concerned that the whiskey barrel aged taste might overpower the normally smooth, chocolaty stout. Fortunately it turns out my fear was unfounded. It’s still the same milky, velvety beer as it’s always been—but with whiskey overtones. The whiskey is fairly subtle, which is perfect because it preserves the original creaminess of the body while adding a slight kick to the flavor. This beer is so, so good! I’m overjoyed to have an Odell stout again, even if only briefly.

It won’t be around long, so catch it while you can. Check your local liquor store, or search with Odell’s Beer Finder to help you find what you’re looking for.

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