Surly Has Arrived in Colorado!

Photo courtesy of Surly Brewing Co.

Surly beer is here!

Surly Brewing Co., a well-known and highly regarded brewery from Minneapolis, has partnered with distributor Elite Brands to bring three of its flagship beers (to start) to Colorado for year-round distribution effective the week of October 29, 2017.

Some may have noticed Surly’s presence around the state during (and since) GABF week at locations such as Old Chicago, Freshcraft, Cheba Hut, Star Bar, and The Mayor of Old Town. And now Coloradans have access to three of its beers full time.

Photo courtesy of Surly Brewing Co.

I had my first Surly beer, Damien American Black Ale, back in 2014, and I was a fan right from the start. I then tried Furious and Overrated, both of which are awesome IPAs. Surly, if you’re listening: please consider adding Overrated to your Colorado distribution next!

As of now, the first beers to be distributed in Colorado are:

All three are delicious, well-made, quality beers. Personally, I’m partial to Furious, but I’m an IPA kind of gal. Furious is about to become part of my regular rotation of IPAs in my fridge! I feel that I typically have more West-Coast style IPAs on hand, so I’m excited to have an American style IPA brewed with English Ale yeast that I really enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Surly Brewing Co.

Where can you find Surly? The Surly Beer Finder will help you get your hands on the cans. Welcome to Colorado, Surly Brewing! We’re happy to have you!

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