2018 Beer Lovers’ Holiday Gift Guide

It’s holiday shopping time! As of now (November 16th), Christmas is just 5 weeks away! If you have a craft beer lover on your list, I have a handful of awesome ideas for you. This year I am featuring gifts for all budgets: from $10 and less, up to $99. Not finding exactly what you need? There are some other cool products to check out from my 2017 and 2016 guides as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your holiday shopping!

Tavour Gift Card

Available starting at $25.00


 Mixed Beer Gift Box Set

8 beers for $99 (includes shipping)

This holiday season, send a Tavour gift card, or send a box of beer!

What is Tavour? Tavour gets you amazing beer from around the world. Based in Seattle, they get fresh, unique craft beers from Independent breweries to discerning fans across the United States. From delicious local secrets to hard-to-find gems from far off places, get amazing beers you want right to your door. Cheers!

Tavour is exclusive to its members and is simple to use. Here is how it works: It is not a beer of the month club. You only pay for the beer you chose over the course of the month. Accessing the lineup of delicious member-only beers is free. Just create an account.

What’s inside the Mixed Beer Gift Box Set? What’s inside? 8 beers, little bit of everything(100% Independently Brewed Craft Beer). Hand curated per order by Tavour, a sampling of the best we have on hand. Plus a custom message from you, the best gift giver ever.

At this time, Tavour ships to the following states: Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York, Nebraska, Idaho, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Kansas, Texas, Indiana, and Washington DC.

Note: I’ve been using Tavour for the past 2 years, and I LOVE it! Excellent selection, so easy to use. If you live in a state where it’s available, I highly recommend it.

Beer Soap from Flatirons Soap Works

Various Prices, starting at $9


Flatirons Soap Works is a small, family-owned Colorado business specializing in soap and bath products. I discovered this company earlier this year and am in love with their products! I’ve purchased a few bars of beer soap, and they smell and feel wonderful. Here are some of the products I recommend for great gifts:

*Mention this post and get the Beer Soap Flight Gift Box for just $25! (contact Flatirons Soap Works directly)

Order online, or buy in-person at any of these upcoming Colorado events:

  • Winter Gift Market at Denver Botanic Gardens, November 15-18
  • Denver Flea Holiday Market at Union Station, November 23-25
  • Parker Sip and Shop, November 30-December 1
  • Makers Market Holiday Market at Northland Aztlan Community Center, December 9

The Beer Pannier – Unique Bottle Carrier


The Beer Pannier is designed to securely carry six 12-ounce cans or bottles, on your bicycle or hand carry.

Made from used bicycle inner tubes, BicycleTrash’s Beer Pannier is the sustainability minded shopper’s choice for fashionably transporting your favorite home-brew or bottle shop purchase.

The Beer Pannier is lined with charcoal grey felt made from recycled plastic bottles, and accented with black veg-tanned remnant leather. It has a handle for toting around, but can also snapped over handlebars, and fits over most rear bicycle racks (must be secured). Once you reach your destination, it can also rest over a chair arm.

How it’s made: Handcrafted in DC, each Beer Pannier is made with 3 spent bicycle inner tubes, lined with eco-felt, sew with durable nylon thread, and secured with nickel hardware. Inner tubes are sourced from local bicycle repair shops, then cut, cleaned, and sewn by hand. Beer Panniers are embossed with the BicycleTrash logo on the handle.

The American Craft Beer Cookbook

155 Recipes from Your Favorite Brewpubs and Breweries


There’s a revolution going on in the beer world. The food you eat should be just as delicious as the beer you drink and award-winning beer journalist John Holl captures the best of the brewery and brewpub menus in his latest book, The American Craft Beer Cookbook. The 155 recipes cover breakfast to dessert, with vegetarian and gluten free options along with soups, seafood and more.

The recipes were contributed by breweries, brewpubs and other beer lovers across the United States. You’ll love the new twists on traditional favorites, such as Slow-Cooked Dopple Bock BBQ Meatballs and American Wheat Beer Steamed Clams, as well as unexpected recipes like Crawfish Bordelaise, Roasted Pheasant,Chopped Reuben Salad, Beermosas, and Pineapple Brown Sugar Pale Ale Cupcakes. It is a celebration of craft beer, food, and the people behind it.

Teku 3.0 Craft Beer Tasting Glasses by Rastal

Set of 6


Often referred as “the world’s best beer glass,” the unique design of the Teku glass allows you to experience craft beer using all of the senses. Beer enthusiasts wishing to stimulate their guests’ enthusiasm for the new craft beers should remember two rules for success. First: the eye wants to be pleased, too. Second: only a perfectly shaped glass will bring out the full array of aromas and flavors locked in craft beers. This is where the Teku goblet by Rastal comes into play, offering an excellent alternative for any beer style and environment. Manufactured by renowned German glassmakers Rastal, this Teku glass is the glass for all beers. Its contemporary look has garnered praise from cicerones to homebrewers alike for its quality and ability to present a variety of craft beers perfectly. The idea behind the concept was to provide the glass with an unusual curvature and an upward-widening, yet straight-lined rim area that would complement each other, thus allowing each beer to fully unfold its unique wealth of aromas. The glass was created to enhance the drinking experience and it was carefully designed to capture the aromatics for the nose and palate. The glass measures 7.75″ H x 3.75″ W, and has a 14.2 oz capacity.

Home Brew Journal


For any home brewing operation worth its wort, the devil’s in the details. So track your recipes, fermentation facts, and results in style with this custom home brewing journal. Bound in warm vegan “leather,” this handsome journal includes engaging info-graphics, handy tables, and systematically structured log pages to guide your zymurgical pursuits. It’s a detailed, indispensable resource that’s adaptable for a range of brewing expertise.


The Rare Beer Club

$37.95-$72.95/month plus shipping & handling

The World’s Best Hand-Selected Rare Beers

Our tasting panel, once headed by Michael Jackson, is a tough lot to impress. Collectively, they have over 100 years of experience in the brewing industry, from heading brewing operations at BJ’s Brewhouse, a 100+ location brewpub chain, to judging at the Great American Beer Festival. They rate each prospective selection only knowing its style and not where it was brewed. Our blind-tasting format assures no prejudices sway our goal of identifying extraordinary beers.

Never Receive a Beer You Don’t Want to Get!

Our Personalized Shipment Program ensures that as a personal member of The Rare Beer Club® you’ll receive only the beers you want to get. (Also available to gift recipients upon request.) Each month prior to receiving your shipment, you will be sent an email detailing the two upcoming beer selections and given the ability to customize what you will receive. You can:

  • Add more bottles of either or both of the upcoming featured beers
  • Add more of your favorite past selections
  • Replace one or both of the featured beers with your favorite past selections
  • Choose not to receive one of the featured beers
  • Skip the entire shipment altogether

You’re in complete control of what you receive every month and can rest easy knowing you’ll never get a beer you didn’t want to get. No other beer club offers that kind of flexibility.

Enjoy Unmatched Variety

Members receive two different styles in each shipment. We strive to offer variety between those two styles as well as from month to month. Variety to us means not only by style but also by country of origin, so rest assured that both domestic US craft brewers as well as time-honored international breweries will be represented.




Starting at $24.99 (6-pack)

***Use code SAVE20 for 20% off your order!***

DrinkAde is a healthy hangover prevention drink with a unique formula that helps to neutralize toxins, restore vital nutrients, and re-hydrate the body so that celebrating and enjoying a drink the night before doesn’t prevent you from feeling great and getting things done the next day. The true “The Official Drink Before Your DRINK”.

Compared to other similar products on the market that contain a whooping 40 calories per serving, DrinkAde only contains 5 calories and is both sugar free and gluten free. It’s made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea extract and B vitamins (full list of key ingredients here).  There is often much skepticism about such products, but check out the online reviews for yourself, and give DrinkAde a try!

13 Piece Beer Tasting Set


Treat craft beers with the respect they deserve with this set of six tasting glasses. With six types of glassware in various shapes, this beer tasting kit offers the right glass for the right pour. Pilsner, porter/stout, wheat, nonic, stange, and tulip glasses round out the set, while stainless steel cork-backed coasters give your drink the pedestal it deserves. A complete beer tasting guide helps amateurs and aficionados alike profile their drafts while sipping like kings.


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